Fill Her Up While You Can

Photo by CR Chambers

by Rick Langenberg:



Engineers from a private firm, hired by the state of Colorado, conduct soil samples and do some intensive drilling at former gas stations in Divide and Florissant.  The end result is that local residents in these communities will have fewer options for filling up their tanks.  One of the main stations impacted, the popular Florissant Sinclair off Hwy. 24, will still operate as a liquor store, Subway restaurant, convenience store and a fishing/hunting outlet, but will no longer sell gas.  According to Les Clark, the main operator of this property, the changes are prompted by certain recertification requirements by the state regarding gas stations and the handling of tanks.  He estimated that the costs to comply and to update their equipment would exceed $100,000.  The other gas station in Divide, which has been closed for several years, may get sold to another party.