Meet a Creeker

Sandy Hawkins, MOD at Johnny Nolon’s Casino & Colorado Grande.

Single with 3 daughters who all attended school here in Cripple Creek and graduated with honors. My oldest daughter (Leslie) is an athletic trainer in Longmont, CO. Jessica is in her final year at CSU studying Global Tourism & Hospitality with a minor in Business & Spanish. Kelly is a sophomore also at CSU and she is studying Veterinary medicine. My dad is 94 and living in Arizona.

I love the outdoors, hiking, boating, skiing etc. After 21 years of living in Cripple Creek I have too many good memories, some I can remember and some…..well I was younger back then! I do remember a time however when my best friend and I went out after work and after a few tequila’s we decided to make snow angles… the middle of Bennett Ave!

When I first started working in Cripple Creek I worked at the Gold Rush in promotions. One holiday (Valentine’s Day I think) we were handing out flowers to the women and I approached a player sitting at the Black Jack tables with the most gorgeous long blond hair and said “Excuse me – I am handing out flowers to all the women today (as HE turned to me I added)……so here is a flower for you to give a lady in your life” and I promptly ran away!

I recently went back to school – obtained my Bachelor of Science, specializing in Respiratory Therapy and have passed 2 of the 3 required states board tests to obtain my license. I take my last one which is the clinical simulations next month.

I will be living in Arizona, working at a hospital as a Respiratory Therapist. I also want to enhance my degree by specializing in pediatrics and polysomnography (Sleep Study). I have enjoyed living here and the town has been good to me. I have gained a lot of experience and have made some incredible friends. As with everything though, a time comes when you have to move on, enhance your life with new experiences and new friends. I will be leaving Cripple Creek at the end of November to pursue my career in Respiratory Care and be closer to my dad.