From Cresson Elementary

From Cresson Elementary By: Miriam Mondragon 689-9230


The 2012-13 school year is off to a great start! It was truly wonderful to see all of the smiling faces on the first day of school. Students, parents and teachers alike were geared up to begin the adventure that is elementary school! As parents we are usually very busy. Between work and family, there’s little down time and it can be easy to forget the “little things”.

It is true that homework is your child’s responsibility; however, we know that involved parents tend have children who perform better academically and behaviorally. One way to increase communication between your child’s school and home life is to do a “Backpack Dive”. After school, a nice way to greet your child is with the question: “What’s in your backpack?” This conversation starter is an easy way to get clued in on your child’s school day, upcoming events, and assignments. Once the backpack has been emptied, talk about its contents with your child. Ask them about the assignments they completed that day. Did they read a new book or listen to a story? Giving specific comments and praises about their efforts helps your child feel proud about their time at school. During the “Backpack Dive” you may notice an order form from Lifetouch. Cresson’s Picture Day will be on Tuesday, September 11th.

Now a word from the Cripple Creek-Victor Mountain Health Center (CCV MHC): The Health Center is now open full time during the school year on Monday-Thursday from 8:00-5:30 pm. Our School Based Health Center is here to serve all children registered in our school district as well as their siblings, aged 0-21 years for physical health, behavioral health and dental health. The Flu Vaccine will be available after September 12th. Please call 286-1100 to schedule your physical health appointment.

Our new building, which is 100% grant, foundation, and donor funded is looking great!! We will be opening our new building on September 24th. Our ribbon cutting ceremony will be on Oct 4th and you are all invited to attend at 9:00 am. We want to thank the BPOE #316 Cripple Creek Elks Lodge for their generous $500 donation and support to our School Based Health Center through a fundraiser held during The Salute to American Veteran’s Rally, recently held in Cripple Creek. -Laureen Murray, RN, BSN Coordinator Cripple Creek-Victor Mountain Health Center. TOGETHER, we can help every Cresson student reach their full potential!