While You Were Sleeping

By Eli Stone:






“The opinions and belief of men depend not on their own will, but follow involuntarily the evidence proposed to their minds.” Thomas Jefferson “Reason and ignorance, the opposite of each other, influence the great bulk of mankind. If either of these can be rendered sufficiently extensive in a country, the machinery of government goes easily on. Reason obeys itself, and ignorance submits to whatever is dictated to it.” Thomas Paine

After looking at the results for all primaries from top to bottom I have decided that I will use my time more prudently than going to the ballot box this year. In fact I have decided do pretty much whatever I want this next year as long as I obey the primary rules……I will do all that I say I will do, and I shall transgress no other human being or his property. As the watch dogs watch, and the sheeple graze, the world continues to turn, spinning steadily out of control. Why do I say the world is spinning out of control? While you were sleeping a number of items have been contemplated for passage to take your rights away from you.

The latest and greatest would be the impending United Nations Arms Trade Treaty that liars and would be dictators BHObama and Hildabeast Clinton intend on signing. It would appear that the Obama administration sides with the UN on such issues. The United Nations… [Has] declared that there is no human right to self-defense or to the possession of defensive arms. The UN…further declare[s] that insufficiently restrictive firearms laws are themselves a human rights violation, so all governments must sharply restrict citizen firearms possession… according to scholarly researcher David Kopel.

You got it, no guns, no opposition. Now in my humble opinion (IMHO) the number one violator of human rights in the past century have been governments themselves and civilian populations would be hard pressed to catch up with the 200 plus millions murdered by government mafias. Oh wait, that is not just in my humble opinion, statistics prove that more people have been murdered by governments than by civilian populaces in the past century. But restricting civilian ownership of firearms would make it so much easier for the governments of the world to catch criminals. Probably because the crime rate would sky rocket as it did in Australia and England, thereby giving criminals the opportunity to leave behind so many more clues. Of course the effects on you and I are moot…..ever think about taking a baseball bat to a gunfight? If you have thought about it that means you are one brave person or one stupid and ignorant person. I opt that you are the latter. Maybe governments should be restricted from owning firearms and we would see a serious decrease in violence against innocent civilians? Things that make you go hmmmmm? And of course she doesn’t speak for the entire Supreme Court but according to Justice Ginsburg in an interview aired on the Arab-language broadcast network Al-Hayat TV last January. “I would not look to the U.S. Constitution if I were drafting a constitution in the year 2012.” “I might look at the constitution of South Africa,” she said. “That was a deliberate attempt to have a fundamental instrument of government that embraced basic human rights had an independent judiciary.” She said that on Arab language Al-Hayat….just shows what Ginsberg knows about Arabs. You don’t have human rights in Arab countries.

Okay I get it; the government should write a constitution that states that the government embraces human rights as opposed to having a constitution that guarantees human rights….. It seems on the Obamacarelessness issue that the Supreme Court says the Obamacare Bill was in fact a tax regardless of what the Obama administration maintains. Okay, so Obama(s)care is a tax and not health insurance? It will be interesting to see what happens to the economy once all these small businesses here in the US are required to provide their employees with health care insurance. I know there are a minimum number of employees required before an employer must provide health insurance. So what about the businesses that are below the thresh hold? Will employees be required to provide their own health insurance? I have talked to so many people who have said, let’s go to Canada and get away from this madness…..TO LATE!

While you were sleeping Canada developed a socialized medical system. I have talked to many people who have stated, “Oh but Germany (or country x, or country y, or even country z) has socialized medicine and they love it……But those people never lived there in country x, y, or even country z. What the inhabitants of those countries don’t tell you is how much they enjoy the seventy five per cent taxes they pay. Yes, my ex was German; her brother paid seventy four per cent of his wages in taxes. Oh yea, while you were sleeping Ron Paul won more delegates than Mitt Obamney…..no news there, but we will have a Progressive (read communist) Democrat shoved down our throats one way or another. Even if the new administration has to be under the guise of a “liberal republican” president named Mitt Obamaney. So while you were sleeping……the progressive party continues to march. If you think we have a two party system them maybe I can sell you some sand traps for your golf course.

If you think that electronic ballot boxes are fair well maybe you want to buy some more sand traps. You definitely have to love Obama’s new campaign slogan…..FORWARD! You really have to wonder about this one. YES! Okay, I am done wondering! Forward down the same path of destruction we are currently waltzing on…..Not to mention “FORWARD” has been the campaign slogan for communist for years. Why should they change it now? The Dream Act…..stimulate the economy it will! Just think of all those young foreigners coming here and going to college and serving in the military and paying taxes….OH?! Wait, government subsidized college and military service are both deficit spending…..well at least they will pay taxes…..when they find jobs…..oh wait….WHAT JOBS? Today I have seen more people who claim to be democrats or republicans simply because mom or dad was, or because their professor told them they should be. Problem is while they were sleeping the parties morphed out of control and now we have our one party system that ensures the correct person is put into office. There is no political fair play these days, if there ever was any political fair play for that matter. So in the words I read on the cover of a book in a Boston airport; Don’t Vote, It Only Encourages The Bastards. I do not subscribe to executive privilege….Eric Holder was in contempt of congress, Obama says it is okay…..therefore Obama and Holder both hold nothing but contempt for America, the law, the people, and independence……while you were sleeping they are carrying out an anti-American agenda like no other. I have nothing but contempt for all of them.

While we were sleeping congress became a bunch of weak sissy weasels…..they should be impeaching some folks. Some say if you don’t vote you are giving the rival two votes…..I say if you do vote you are giving them permission. I am withdrawing my permission and I am going to chase cars, gnaw on bones, and revel in the cat’s catnip (with the cat’s permission of course). Till next time! With contempt, I am going back to sleep, please wake me up when this nightmare is over…….WOOF