Hardrock Man’s Gallas Gala

Sponsored by Cripple Creek & Victor Gold Mining Company, Hardrock Man’s Gallas Gala at The Cripple Creek District Museum was a lovely event enjoyed by many. Together ol’ underground miners of the District gathered with the community and CC&V Gold Mining Vice-President and General Manager, Ray DuBois, in honor of the fantastic gold mining history that helped make this district “The World’s Greatest Gold Camp.” Thank you, Mr. DuBois and Cripple Creek & Victor Gold Mining Company, for your generous sponsorship and your support of the preservation of our local underground gold mining history! For anyone interested in learning more about the District’s underground gold mining history, be sure to check out The Cripple Creek Museum and WesternReflectionsPublishing.com, who have many wonderful books available, including Hardrock Man Whispers from the Cripple Creek District Underground. Sylece Andromeda