Waste Management’s Free Recycle Bins Stopped

Regarding Waste Management’s decision to suspend leaving free recycle bins on the Wal-Mart parking lot, I don’t blame the company one bit. People are pigs. I personally have heard people gripe when the bins were full. One women even said, “They ought to leave enough bins to handle all the stuff we bring up here.” When I tried to explain to that people were fortunate to have any bins at all, I could tell I wasn’t getting through.

So when I asked her if she wanted someone to come make up her bed and haul trash for her too, she sneered back at me and left in a huff. Clearly people do not appreciate when other people or companies try to help them or the environment. And that’s a shame. What’s also a shame, they probably won’t read this letter either because they are pigs who wallow in their own self-indulgent world. The biggest pity of all is that they multiply and live among us.

Jere Joiner Divide, Colo. 687-3288