Beer Keg Shooting Investigation Continues



The Teller County Sheriff’s Department is still continuing an investigation into the firing of gun shots by an officer of a neighboring law agency during an underage drinking party at Tarryall Campground near Lake George. This incident resulted in the firing of two Park County sheriff deputies, Glenn Hardey and Richard Sonnenberg, along with the revoking of the commission of another reserve deputy, Steve Materkowski.

Several television news stations reported that Park County Sheriff Fred Wegener sought the assistance of the Teller Sheriff’s Office in investigating whether any criminal wrongdoing occurred. As of late last week, no conclusions had been rendered by the Teller County Sheriff authorities. According to Sheriff Mike Ensminger, his department has just started their inquiry and expects to release their findings soon. He confirmed that Wegener has asked the Teller Sheriff’s Department to investigate the actions of the Park County officers in question. According to various reports, concerns were raised by some parents of the teens who attended the party, when shots were fired at a beer keg by a Park County sheriff officer. The shots were apparently fired to break a chain used the secure the keg to a tree or fence. The parents alleged that this action, which occurred in a remote camping area, may have endangered some of the kids. Also, concerns were raised about how the officers handled breaking up the underage drinking party. The officers were responding to a reported teenage drinking party at Tarryall Campground, which was attended by about 40 kids. Thirty teens were cited for underage drinking.