Westcreek Fire Under Control

Thursday’s Westcreek fire sparked off County Road 78 near the Painted Rocks camping ground. Firefighters said a couple that lives within two miles of the fire first noticed the smoke, vacated the area and called for help Firefighters said they got to the blaze before erratic winds were able to push it over a ridge, where it could have spread rapidly. A aerial drop of fire retardant was also diverted from another fire near Conifer to keep help contain the Westcreek fire quickly.

Photo by CR Chambers

The fire is now under control. Deputy Fire Marshal Steven Steed, told us today at aproxamatly 10:30 am Friday March 30th, that the scene is under control but with a major wind event coming late Sunday and into Monday, there will be a compliment of fire fighters on scene for the next seven days. “This is to assure that there will be no re-ignition of this fire” said Steed.

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