Lake George Charter School Selects Nunn Construction as Construction Manager / General Contractor

The Lake George Charter School construction project has crossed a key milestone in the preparation for construction of the new school. Friday, June 17th, 2011 there was a public interview at the Lake George Charter School for the four short-listed firms that were interested in the Construction Management / General Contractor position on the project.

There were multiple public notifications and advertisements to announce this position both locally and state-wide to attract interest to the project. There was an overwhelming response with 39 companies requesting the Request For Qualifications (RFQ) and 16 that sent actual responses. The 16 companies that did send responses were reviewed by the Facilities Committee and District Representatives and were then short-listed to four groups. These groups were then asked to produce a formal Request for Proposal and participate in the interviews on June 17th.

After a thorough scoring process of the interviews, consisting of a battery of questions, fee proposals, presentations and reference checks, the Facilities Committee announced that Nunn Construction was their clear choice for the new school construction project. The references on the Nunn Construction team only reinforced the Facilities Committee’s decision that this is a team of professionals with a high level of integrity, dedication and genuine interest in building a new school with which everyone can be proud to be associated.

Both the Facilities Committee and Nunn Construction welcome the community to meet these new members of the project team. There will be multiple opportunities for this to take place:

A Job Fair for prospective Sub-Contractors will be held by Nunn Construction on July 14th from 5-7 p.m. at Lake George Charter School. Those who are unable to attend this meeting are welcome to obtain information at the July 21st Community Meeting that will be held at the Lake George Charter School at 6 p.m.