Authorities tight lipped on dead body discovery

Teller County authorities are still not releasing any details pertaining to the discovery of a 25-year-old man, found dead near the intersection of Elk Lane and Winding Valley Drive in an area between Woodland Park and Divide.

The discovery has already led to a massive investigation, involving the sheriff’s office, search and rescue crews and the Colorado State Patrol.

Teller County Coroner Al Born has ruled out suicide as a cause of the man’s death, but declined to release any details regarding the circumstances surrounding how the person died, or where his body was found, or his identify. He said an autopsy was completed, but those details have been sequestered, pending a further investigation.

Officials say they are under a court order not to release any details at this time regarding the dead body inquiry. They have cited a concern about protecting the investigation. However, an earlier television news report classified the death as suspicious.

According to Undersheriff Stan Bishop, authorities hope to have the order lifted within the next few days. “We hope to release more information later this week,” said Bishop.

The man has been identified by Born as a resident of the Pikes Peak region. He was reportedly house-sitting for people living on Elk Lane at the time of his death. His dead body was discovered by a Teller County deputy during an unrelated investigation in the area.

However, the man was reported missing last Thursday by the Colorado State Patrol. His body was discovered Friday morning and he had been dead for more than 24 hours.

Local residents have described a massive search in the subdivision by a variety of agencies for clues and evidence. A main dirt road leading into Elk Lane was closed on Saturday, according to a report in the Colorado Springs Gazette, to help facilitate the investigation. In the past, the area was often targeted by trespassers, who tried to sneak into the North Catamount Reservoir area when it was closed to the public.

But this area hasn’t had any major crimes for years, according to residents.