Creek Hoopsters end season on winning notes

~ by Trevor Phipps ~


The Cripple Creek Lady Pioneers concluded their season last Saturday, and suffered their first loss after a three game winning streak.


The girls in Cripple Creek were able to come up with a winning season of 10-8 with a 1-1 league record. The girls only have four teams in their 1A/2A league. The Pioneers finished with a second place tie, but it wasn’t eassy.


The girl hoopsters won three of their last five games to snag a winning record. On February 2, they lost to Custer County 54-39. They then won against Moffat on February 3 45-37. They continued their winning streak by trouncing Pikes Peak Christian 50-25 and edging past South Park 39-35 in a squeaker. To end their season, the Lady Pioneers travled to Custer County and were beat 51-34.


In the girls 1A/2A West Central league Cotopaxi finished the best with a 6-4 league record. Custer County tied with the pioneers in second place with a 3-3 league record. South Park fell in last place with a 2-4 record.


CC Boys Carve a Winning Season


The boy Pioneer hoopsters lost three of their last five games, but were also able to come up with a winning record for the 2017-2018 season.


Coach Gary Lays led his team to a 10-8 overall records and a 1-1 league record. Ironically, the Pioneer boys record ended exactly the same as the girls.


The two teams played the same schools on the same days but earned the same record by beating different schools at different times. On February 2, the Pioneer Boys beat Custer County 54-49. The next day they lost to Moffat 62-49. Then on February 13 they beat Pikes Peak Christian in a high scoring game 84-72. The team then suffered two losses in a row to end their season on February 16 and 17. They were beat by South Park 66-28 and Custer County 55-53.


The Pioneers finished in fifth place out of eight teams in their 2A District 1 league. Del Norte took first place in their league with a 6-0 league record. Sanford (4-1) and Sargent (3-1) took second and third places respectively.



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