Ice Panthers Record First Ever Victory

(Dan Mohrmann/

~ by Trevor Phipps ~

Despite their rough start, the Ice Panthers kept their heads up and were able to carve out their first victory.

Not only was it their first victory of the season, the game will forever go down in the record books as being the Woodland Park Panthers Ice Hockey team’s first win ever! It was obvious that the boys didn’t want to end their season winless and now they won’t.

 On January 13, the Panthers hosted Palmer High School at the Air Force Academy during a league home game. The Panthers were absolutely dialed in on that particular Saturday afternoon. They had the best performance they have had yet both offensively and defensively. They broke team records during the game for most goals scored and least goals allowed.

 Both teams entered the ice rink that Saturday win-less for the season. They all knew that only one team would leave the ice that Saturday with one win instead of zero. The Panthers took charge of the match and dominated the Terrors 5-2. The Palmer Terrors are still winless and now have a 0-10 record.  After the Panthers win, their record is now 1-11.

 Following their first win, the Panthers hockey team they took on Mullen High School at the Honnen Ice Arena in Colorado Springs. This game did not turn out that well for the Panthers as they lost 9 to zip.

 The Panthers next game is scheduled for Saturday January 27. The Panthers will play a re-match with the 9-1 Pueblo County Hornets, this time at the Air Force Academy. Then on Jan. 29, the Panthers play an away league re-match against the win-less Palmer Terrors at Sertich at 7 p.m.

 For their next match after the Palmer repeat, the Ice Panthers come back home to Meadow Wood Sports Complex and face the 8-3 Chaparral Wolverines out of Parker. The team’s home non-conference match will take place on February 2 at 7 p.m.

 The Ice Panthers currently have six matches on the ice left to complete their 2017-2018 inaugural season.