Complaints That A Cool Pool Isn’t Cool

~by Bob Volpe ~

Some disgruntled residents of Woodland Park are complaining on social

media that the water in the Aquatic Center is too cold.
Channel 5 news did a segment last week about the issue. All of the
people complaining refused to be interviewed on camera but expressed
their discontent to reporters. One said, “I do not like cold pools.
They claim the water temp is the same as Miami beach
“84 for water temp is so not warm. It’s ok when you go in the first
time. But after 20 min I am cold.”
While those complaining about the water temp have apparently only done
so only on Facebook and to a Colorado Springs TV station, pool manager
Karen Valdez says she hasn’t received any complaints by email or
telephone. She said, “I’m a little surprised; we’re real conscious of
what that temperature needs to be. We check the heater daily. It’s one
of the first things that staff do when they walk into the building.”
When the pool opened the pool temperatures were widely advertised. The
lap pool is between 81-83 degrees and the leisure pool between 84-86
Valdez did say that a mechanical part was recently replaced at the
facility, but that she didn’t believe that had anything to do with the
water temperature. She said, “84 is kind of your standard temperature
for recreation, for fitness, for lessons, and such so that you can
move around and do things. We recently just went through some
mechanical changes, a little part on there, but I don’t think that
really played a big role in it.”
Other residents don’t agree that the water is too cold. Angela
Regester told the TV reporter that she and her kids had a positive
experience. “It was very nice, very warm, and the kids had a great
time. It was quite warm so not cold at all.”
Other community pools say their water temperature is kept from 81-90 degrees.
Valdez noted that not everyone has the same tolerance for water
temperature. She said, “84 for some people is really cold. For some
people it’s very hot.”
She went on to ask that if anyone has an issue of any kind to talk to
the people at the front desk.
The Aquatic Center recently said that their pass sales are at or near
projections. Parks and Recreation Director Cindy Keating said.
“Everything seems to be on track with projections from the feasibility
study.” She did say 3 month pass sales are lagging, but she believes
that will speed up when the area snowbirds return in summer.
It seems the old adage that you can’t please everyone is alive and
well in Woodland Park and that complaints on social media are
replacing old fashioned face to face communication.