Colorado Ski Resorts Receive Belated Christmas Present

KEYSTONE, COLORADO - DECEMBER 24: Santa Claus and his elf Charles gets turns in on Slalom Slope on Christmas Eve December 24, 2017 at Arapahoe Basin Ski Resort. Santa, also know as "Tele Tim", is a telemark instructor and has visited Arapahoe Basin for the last five years. Santa greeted visitors on the bunny hill, lift lines, and on the slopes. (Photo by Daniel Brenner/Special to the Denver Post)
KEYSTONE, COLORADO – (Photo by Daniel Brenner)

~ by Trevor Phipps ~

Even though large storms have missed the Teller County area this winter, snow totals for the ski resorts in Colorado’s high country have recently been pretty decent, with promising prospects for the rest of the season.  

Last week, when the storm system hit the state, just about every ski resort in Colorado received a significant amount of fresh snow. This recent snowstorm was the catalyst needed to jump start Colorado’s ski season into high gear. Previously, resort operators were ready to hit the red alert button and were talking about ways to artificially create more snow.  

 After the snow storm that hit the state last week, just about all of the ski resorts in Colorado are announcing near perfect skiing conditions. Nearly all of the ski resorts in Colorado currently have a good snow base and six inches or more of fresh powder. The resorts now also all have the majority of their lifts open for the season.


Snow depths at Colorado ski resorts vary from 10 inches all the way up to four feet. Copper Mountain Ski Resort currently has the most snow with 48 inches as of last week’s report.

Winter Park sits in second place with 47 inches and Steamboat takes in third place with 46 inches of the white stuff. Ski Granby Ranch has the least amount of snow, reporting only a 10-inch base. Powderhorn and Echo Mountain sit right behind Granby with snow bases of only 11and 12 inches respectively.


During the snow storm that hit the state last Wednesday and Thursday, many of the ski resorts were gifted with a good amount of fresh powder. Wolf Creek Ski Area received the least amount of snow last Wednesday night, and only added two inches of fresh powder to their 27-inch total base. Steamboat received the most fresh powder, as the storm added an impressive 14 inches of fresh snow to the resort’s 39 to 46 inch snow base.


As for back country skiing locally, outdoor enthusiasts are probably going to have to wait. Many people like to ski the back country of the Ute Pass region and some even ski down Pikes Peak.

However, there is not yet a large amount of snow in the area, even in the higher elevation regions. As for Pikes Peak, it currently looks visibly snowless compared to what it has resembled during this time of year. However, it is not until springtime that many downhill daredevils and backcountry skiers test their luck on parts of America’s favorite mountain.