Potential Candidates Names Released

~ by Bob Volpe ~

Woodland Park city clerk Suzanne Leclercq released the names of
individual that pulled petitions to run in this April’s city election.

There are 10 people who were given petitions. Three people are running
for the open mayor’s seat. They are Neil Levy (incumbent),Michael
Dalton, and Val Carr (current city councilman).

Those who pulled petitions for the 3 open city council seats are:
George Jones, Kellie Case, Mark Maruszak, Hillary LaBarr, Noel Sawyer
(incumbent), John Schafer (incumbent), and Mike Stinner.
Councilmen whose seats are open are: Ken Matthews, Noel Sawyer, and
John Schafer.

The mayor’s term is 3 years, and the council terms are for 4 years.
There is still time to pull a petition to run for any of the above
positions. Petitions must be signed by no less than 25 registered
voters from within the city limits. Finished petitions must be
returned to the city clerk by January 22.

The election is by mail ballot only and is on April 3rd, 2018.