Cripple Creek City Council Begins Year By Selecting New Mayor Pro Tem

During the first meeting of the year the Cripple Creek city council was faced with the mission to elect a new mayor pro tem.

The mayor pro tem is a member of the city council that is elected by the council to serve as a back-up to the mayor. This person has the chore of completing the mayor’s duties if the mayor is ever absent for city council meetings. If the mayor is unable to complete his job for any reason, the mayor pro tem will assume all of the mayor’s duties and the same pay for the duration of the mayor’s absence.

The process began with each council member getting the option to nominate a council member and nominating themselves was allowed. To start off the nominations, Mayor Bruce Brown selected Councilman Chris Hazlett since he has the most experience sitting on the council next to the mayor. Councilman Hazlett seconded the motion making him a candidate for the Mayor Pro Tem position.

Councilwoman Meghan Rozell then nominated Councilman Tom Litherland due to his near perfect attendance record at city council meetings. Councilman Hazlett did miss seven out of the twenty five city council meetings that the city held in 2017 which is roughly thirty percent of the council meetings. Councilman Litherland seconded the motion sending the Mayor Pro Tem position to be decided by an election between Chris Hazlett and Tom Litherland.

Despite the subject of attendance brought up by Rozell, the council voted for Councilman Hazlett by a 3-2 vote. Councilwoman Melissa “Missie” Trenary was the tie breaker between the two candidates and she sided with Hazlett making him the Mayor Pro Tem for 2018.

Administrator Report

City Administrator Ray DuBois delivered a brief report at the council meeting discussing upcoming events in the town and the status of the Highway 67 road construction project. DuBois announced a number of events happening in Cripple Creek including free family film nights at the Butte Theater in February and a live comedy show at the Butte on January 20.

He also announced that construction on Highway 67 will resume on January 8. He explained that the lines on the highway are currently not as bright as they should be and that the next step of the road construction process is re-striping the lines on the road. According to DuBois, the final striping process will take place in early May 2018.

Recognition of Former Municipal Court Judge BJ Fett

Judge BJ Fett served as the Cripple Creek Municipal Court Judge for over twenty years. Judge Fett passed away on November 21, 2017 after over two decades of service to the community. The city council presented Judge Fett’s wife and daughter with a plaque recognizing the judge’s long career in the city.

Places Designated For Public Meeting Postings

Every year Colorado state laws requires that each municipality designate a specific place that they will post the occurrence of all public meetings. The council reaffirmed the post office, city hall and the city’s website as the designated posting locations for 2018. A couple of years back, the state started requiring that the city’s website be added to the list of public notice posting locations.

Local Deal With Colorado Lottery Re-affirmed

Another item brought up to council during the year’s first meeting was the reauthorization of the city’s deal with the Colorado Lottery. The city of Cripple Creek receives over half a million dollars each year from the state’s Great Outdoors Colorado and Conservation trust funds. This year GOCO added to the amount given to the city by about $300,000 to help fund the city’s new adventure park. The council agreed to reauthorize the agreement the city has with Colorado Lottery and will keep receiving funding from GOCO and the state conservation trust fund from now until the year 2039.