New mayor, council and clerk may dominate the plate for Victor

~ by Trevor Phipps ~

The town of Victor has made some major improvements during the last few years, leading to one overriding question:  Can the town continue this momentum in 2018?

The town just had a municipal election at the end of 2017 which resulted in the selection of a new mayor and two city council members and a new city clerk. When previous Victor mayor Buck Hakes (who now serves on the city council) was interviewed during the election, he said that the biggest issue facing the town dealt with the new government maintaining the progress the city has achieved over the last few years.

The town of Victor has done a lot to improve its business district. They have established a Main Street organization that has made efforts to drive businesses back to downtown Victor. The town now has over 10 businesses operating in the small town including three bars and restaurants located in downtown Victor. It will be important in the next year that the town officials work closely with their Main street organization and keep drawing businesses to the downtown area.

Victor has also made major strides towards making the town a tourist destination. The town has joined forces with business owners and worked towards bringing more events to Victor in order to draw people into the small town. The town has been adding to their event schedule with things like art shows and wine tastings. Currently, there is a group of business owners in town that have been getting together to help organize events in Victor in the future. The group meets weekly and plans on forming a non-profit organization aimed at organizing events. It will be essential that the new town government welcome the new organization and help them bring people into the mountain town for events.

Councilman Hakes, who previously served as mayor for two terms, has stressed the importance of having the new mayor, council members and  clerk  working well together. This could be a big issue for 2018, according to civic leaders.

The former mayor also believes that the new government officials need to see the importance of continuing to improve the city’s infrastructure and beautification efforts. Some civic leaders favor efforts to continue to grow Victor’s population, in an effort to try to make the town a place where people want to live and do business in.  

Efforts to generate more tourism also could be a hot subject I 2018. Within a very short time, the ribbon should be cut on the new American Eagles Mine site, just west of Victor in the Little Grouse area. This will culminate a relocation plan that occurred when Newmont Cripple Creek & Victor Gold Mine closed its previous overlook site, in a scenic area  just outside of Victor, due to safety concerns in the spring of 2016.

American Eagles has always served as a big tourism draw. The relocation of this mine site, and its many artifacts, has been a top issue of concern.   

Town leaders in the past have favored having more local events to draw people into the small town. If the government can do things to bring people up the mountain, then it will make Victor a more desirable place to open up a business, according to many civic boosters. Will this trend continue for 2018?

Rumors are also abounding that retail marijuana may be an upcoming issue for the town of Victor as well for many other small Colorado towns.

There has been some discussion that the issue of allowing retail marijuana shops and lounges may again be brought up to the Victor city government to decide. Many residents think that legalizing retail marijuana would be a good thing for the city of Victor. Many think that it could be a way for the town to generate a larger amount of tourists, thus leading to more income for the town.