Masquerade Celebration Caps New Year’s Celebrations in Victor

~ by Trevor Phipps ~


Another year has gone by and now it is time to get out those fancy, elaborate costumes and masks.


This year, the Fortune Club Lounge in Victor will be hosting a special New Year’s event based off a tradition that has been made popular by the town of New Orleans. To bring in 2018, Victor joins other cities across the country such as Boston, Chicago and Dallas that will be hosting a Masquerade New Year’s Eve Celebration.


According to, a masquerade can be defined as “a party, dance, or other festive gathering of persons wearing masks and other disguises, and often elegant, historical, or fantastic costumes.”


People celebrating with masquerades can be traced all the way back to the 15th century. Back then during their Carnival season, (where parties with food, drinks and friends took place frequently), people would host a masquerade ball or bal masqué to celebrate marriages and other important events. Masquerades traditionally involved people getting together in their elaborate costumes and dancing to music. It is tradition that everyone attending wears a mask to hide their face during the party.


This Sunday night starting at 6 p.m. Victor’s very own Fortune Club Diner, Lounge, and Hotel, located on 300 Victor Avenue, will be the spot for the special New Year’s Masquerade. Everyone attending is asked to “dress for the occasion.” At 8 p.m., the locally famous band Twelve Valve Diesel from Colorado Springs will be entertaining partiers on the dining room side of the Fortune Club. After the band, the Fortune Club staff will be putting on karaoke in the lounge side for the remainder of the night. Then when it’s officially 2018 at midnight, there will be, of course, a complimentary champagne toast!


This unique celebration is one of many of the new and exciting events that have been happening in Victor lately.



Business owners in town have been working together to put on various events in the small city including art, rock, and mineral shows. The group plans to work collaboratively as a team in the future to put on special festivities that bring the town of Victor back to life.