Broncos/Jets Preview

~by Bob Volpe ~

Next week the 5-7 New York Jets come into Mile High. The Jets snapped
a two game losing streak last week beating the Kansas City Chiefs in a
squeaker. With just over 2 minutes to play the Jets scored a go ahead
touchdown against the Chiefs 38-31. On the ensuing possession the
Chiefs drove to the Jets 20 but where unable to punch it in for the
come from behind win.

It has been another rough year for the Jets. They are in rebuilding
mode, but despite that, they are still in the hunt for a Wildcard.
After beating the Chiefs you can bet they are motivated to knock off
the struggling Broncos and continue their bid for the playoffs.

Jets QB Josh McCown came to the Jets this season after spending a
couple of years with the Cleveland Browns, Ohio’s version of Rikers
Island. (That’s a prison in New York for those of you not familiar
with the NY scene)

This year McCown has thrown for 2,549 yards, 17 TDs, and 8 INTs.
Against the Chiefs, he was 26-36, for 331 yards and 1 TD. His main
receivers are tight end Jermaine Kerse and wide out Robby Anderson.
Kerse had 9 catches for 157 yards and Anderson had 8 catches for 107
yards against the Chiefs.

The Jets don’t have a great running game, but it’s enough to get them
first downs when the need them. Last week the Jets ran for 10 first
downs and passed for 16.

Last week the Broncos set a franchise record. They lost their 8th game
in a row.

It’s really hard to write anything new about the Broncos this year,
because they keep doing the same thing every week. Turnovers, drive
killing penalties, lack of execution on offense, and the big one,
inability to score on offense.

Last week the Bronco offense failed to score a point. It was possibly
the worst Bronco offensive game ever witnessed. Even the blowout by
the Eagles was better than last week.

The blame can be evenly distributed among the entire offense.
Demaryius Thomas dropped five passes that should have been caught. He
and Emmanuel Sanders only had 4 receptions between them for a combined
37 yards.

The offensive line is like a game of musical chairs but without any
chairs. Siemian was reduced to a quivering mass of jelly again,
running for his life, holding the ball too long, and threw 3 more
picks, one for a Miami TD.

The only one on offense who played like a man was CJ Anderson. There
is no quit in that man. CJ had 110 yards combined receiving and
rushing, in what was a futile attempt to ignite a spark in an
otherwise anemic offense.

Let’s not let the Special Teams off the hook either here. The average
starting yard line for the offense this whole season is the 26. Add to
that a blocked punt, and a safety given up last week, AND special
teams gave the Dolphins a short field to work with on nearly every

Things are not looking good at all for the Broncos. They have nothing
to play for but pride and they seem to have given up on that too.

The Jets will use the same playbook every one uses against the Broncs.
Tight end and backs over the middle in the passing game and control
the clock.

This one shouldn’t be as ugly as last week, but who would have thought
the Dolphins would score 35 points on the Bronco defense no matter
where they started their drives.
The Jets put up 38 points against the Chiefs last week, so maybe it
will be another blowout.

The official TMJ/Russ’ Place pick: The Jets continue to work toward a
playoff spot. Jets win 24-6.