Main Street Soap Opera Continues

Group rehires former coordinator

~ by Trevor Phipps ~


The saga on Main Street continues as the group struggles to get money from the city and wrestles with the sensitive issue of rehiring their former coordinator.   


In one surprise move, the Woodland Park Main Street Board didn’t ask the city for control of their funds during the last council meeting. In fact, this matter has been put on hold until the next regularly scheduled meeting of the Main Street group.


 During the group’s most recent meeting, only a small handful of board members were able to attend, forcing the board to delay any funding decision.


New Chairman Appointed


At the start of the last Main Street Board meeting, Bob Carlsen, a former council member, was immediately nominated as chair of the group. There were no more nominations for the position, so Carlsen was unanimously voted as the new chairman to replace Vera Egbert. Egbert, who serves the head manager of the Peoples Bank office in Woodland Park, recently stepped down.


Even with the naming of a new chairman, one board member at last week’s meeting expressed concerns about having the group work together better as a team. Some members believe that Main Street Board had not been working well together, and it was stressed the group achieve this goal in order to move forward.


After that discussion, a motion was put forth to the board to reinstate Darlene Jensen as the Main Street Coordinator. Some board members, though, objected, saying this action could cause legal issues due to the fact that Jensen, although technically employed by the city, has been placed on administrative leave.  In recent weeks, a conflict has been generated over Jensen’s role with Main Street and the city, with key WP officials wanting her to resign. It was requested that the names of the people that voted “yes” and “no” be recorded in case any legal problems arose in the future. 


The board voted 7-3 to reinstate Jensen as the Woodland Park Main Street Coordinator. However, the decision was just a technical nomination of Jensen to the position.

Whether she would get paid for that position or not is yet to be determined. If the board can get funding for the organization transferred to them from the city, Jensen’s position will be paid. If the board cannot get money from the city, then Jensen will hold the position as a volunteer.


This move could led to a possible conflict between the Main Street Board and Woodland Park city officials.

The board decided that they would go to city council and request that the funds being used to keep Main Street afloat be transferred from the city to the Main Street organization.  


As a result, a Main Street presentation and a request for funding will occur at the next city council meeting, scheduled for Thursday.