Election 2017

Election 2017

Candidates outline their platforms


– by Trevor Phipps –


In our continual coverage of the 2017 municipal election, here is a short profile of the candidates for contested seats for the Cripple Creek City Council and the Cripple Creek/Victor RE-1 District. In previous issues, we discussed the races in Victor.


This week, in TMJ, we also outline the complete races and questions facing voters on Nov. 7, and the procedures for casting your tallies.


If you are eligible, make sure you vote.


Cripple Creek-Victor RE-1 School District Board Member

District E- (4-year term)


Dennis Jones

Dennis Jones is currently a school board member and has been dedicated to community service for over forty years. He has served as a school board member, a County Commissioner, a non-profit organization board member and has been a local small business owner for over nineteen years. Jones is seeking re-election to another four year term on the school board in order to help the district continue their programs and visions that have led to increased enrollment.


According to Jones, since he has been a school board member he has been committed to supporting parents and the community by always being available to answer questions and hear their concerns. His goals for the future of the school district include developing a new Vocational Training Facility. Jones vows to stay dedicated to working with businesses and the community in finding grants and funding to support kids and families in the Cripple Creek community. Jones’ goals include helping increase enrollment by giving students the chance to take more electives and receive vocational training in collaboration with local businesses.


Patricia “Patty” Waddle

Patty Waddle has been a licensed and certified teacher for 42 years in both Louisiana and Colorado. She is currently retired but she worked as a teacher for the Cripple Creek-Victor RE-1 school district for many years starting in 2001. She has earned a Bachelor’s degree in elementary education and a master’s degree in education where she graduated with honors.


Waddle has been an active member of the Cripple Creek-Victor area and was even the recipient of the 2015 Teller County Cares Special Services Award. According to her website, forccvkids.com, Waddle “served on the Teller County Task Force to Improve Early Childhood Education and Care opportunities in Southern Teller County.” Waddle has also served on Gold Belt Communities Build a Generation Board for Southern Teller County as a member and officer since 2002.


Waddle is running for the school board member position in order to give the children within the Cripple Creek-Victor school district a change. “We need to restore integrity, community, and voices of family and staff to build a sustainable educational foundation for future growth,” Waddle’s website states.


Cripple Creek City Council Ward 4- 4-year term Candidates


Ward 4 (4-year term)


Scott A. Marshall

Scott Marshall moved to the Cripple Creek area in 2001 and has since bought a house and a small business in town. Marshall is currently the owner/operator of Cripple Creek Liquors. After moving to Cripple Creek, Marshall fell in love with the area and says that, “there is no better place in the U.S. to live!”


According to Marshall, he decided to run for city council in order to “make a difference.” His main goal if he is elected to city council will be to push the city to get at least two handicap parking places per block on Bennett Avenue.


Marshall likes the new park the city is building and thinks that the city needs more things for their adult citizens to do for fun. Marshall is also an avid supporter of city events such as the Veteran’s Rally and the 4H Club’s Teller County Fair. Marshall also said that he would like to see the city host more events and to find a way to better profit from them.


Meghan Rozell

Meghan Rozell is a Colorado native that graduated from Woodland Park High School. Rozell was previously employed by the city of Cripple Creek and bought a house in town after being employed by the city’s building department for almost two years. Ever since she made Cripple Creek her permanent residence, Rozell has fallen in love with the town and has become very passionate about the community.


When asked why she chose to run for the city council seat, Rozell stated that, “I am ready to bring change to the local community.” She also stressed that, “community feedback and input is important to me.” Rozell feels that she is properly educated in how a municipal government works and that she is ready to bring a positive change to the community as a whole. According to her website,envisioncripplecreek.com, Rozell thinks that one of the best things about the Cripple Creek community is that, “This community loves this place and that’s such a beautiful thing.”

Ward 5- (4-year term)


Melissa “Missie” Trenary

Melissa Trenary has been a resident of the Cripple Creek area for many years. She has a passion for local history and has been an active member with the Cripple Creek District Museum for more than 15 years. Trenary also serves as the leader of the Two Mile High Club, which is the non-profit organization that cares for the donkeys in town and puts on the Donkey Derby Days event.


Trenary decided to run for city council due to her extensive experience, along with being active in the community. Trenary feels that she is deeply connected to the community and that she knows what things can please both local residents and visitors. Trenary is a big fan of the Salute to American Veterans Rally and would like to see the event continue and get bigger. Trenary also would like to find ways to bring more events to the Cripple Creek community.


Jeff Regester

Jeff Regester and his family have lived in the Teller County area for a very long time. Regester is currently the owner/operator of Earthworks Land Development Company. Earthworks Land Development is a company that provides excavating, drilling, and boring services in the Cripple Creek area.

Regester, who couldn’t be reached for comment, also is a well-known race car driver, who frequently competed in the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb, and even carded a few impressive records. In addition, he has strong roots in the community, and has been involved with the local historic preservation commission.