Main Street Woes Continue

Media barred from workshop

~ by Trevor Phipps ~


Problems on the Woodland Park Main Street front continue as the board encounters more personnel and leadership changes. There have been two Main Street meetings in the last two weeks.

On October 10, the Woodland Park Main Street Board held an extra meeting with Woodland Park City Manager David Buttery that was described as a “work session.” However, the media was not allowed to attend, even though representatives from TMJ were invited to the session by several board members.

The results of the extra meeting were announced and a number of other items were decided at the next regularly scheduled Main Street meeting held on Tuesday October 17. During last week’s regular session, the board held an election of two new Main Street board members. Only one out of three of the board member applicants were present at the meeting, but the board decided to still vote on selecting two new board members.

After two votes due to a tie-breaker vote, the board selected Nicol Randolph and Stephanie Alfieri as the two new Woodland Park Main Street board members. The board then decided that Randolph would be the Chair of the Promotions Committee and that Alfieri would be the Treasurer.

The next item under discussion dealt with the public announcement that Board Chairwoman Vera Egbert had resigned from her position, and her resignation letter was presented to the board. Egbert stated in the letter that she resigned due to her full time job going through a transition, requiring more of her time and energy.

The Woodland Park Main Street Board was then faced with the decision to elect a new Board Chairperson.

Board Member Bob Carlsen was the first to be nominated, followed by the nomination of Board Vice-Chairwoman Laurie Glauth. The board voted and the results turned out to be a 5 to 5 tie. It was then decided that the vote be tabled until the next board meeting when all eleven voting board Members were present.

The Main Street Board also discussed a touchy personal and funding issue that has commanded much attention in recent weeks. This dealt with the situation surrounding Main Street Coordinator Darlene Jensen and certain funds the group receives from the city.

Woodland Park City Manager David Buttery

At a previous workshop, City Manager David Buttery, according to Main Street board members, told the group that the city could not release any money to the Main Street organization while it was still paying former Main Street Coordinator Darlene Jensen, who is now on administrative leave. According to the report, Buttery told the board that if Jensen submitted her resignation, then the city would be able to release the money (with the permission of city council) to Woodland Park Main Street to pay for its Main Street Coordinator position.