Highway construction efforts enter final stages for 2017

~ by Rick Langenberg ~

The $10.4 million highway construction improvements for Hwy. 67 are entering their final stages for 2017, with a continual schedule of delays for motorists.

This week will encompass a lengthy list of project demands, as officials try to complete the massive improvements prior to the end of the year. The clock is ticking for the Colorado Department of Transportation to finish the work, including the installation of additional asphalt and many safety improvements before the end of the year.  

Both sections of the project will encompass work from Monday through Friday this week, and are limited by a shortened amount of daylight hours.

For the 13-mile Hwy. 67 route between Divide and Cripple Creek, motorists can expect lane restrictions in the southern part of the road near Cripple Creek, extending from markers 62 to 54. This section is scheduled for extensive paving and will be subject to one lane restrictions..

The Divide to Cripple section of Hwy. 67 will also feature milling operations in certain parts and other related delineator-related work. Most of the milling work will occur near the Mueller State Park area.

Once again, officials will impose size restrictions for vehicles and will have a pilot car to monitor the lane restrictions.

Motorists are advised to use alternate routes, such as Teller One.

For the other section of the improvement work, the Hwy. 67 route between Woodland Park and Westcreek, the work also will occur from Monday through Friday.

The focus of the work in that section for this week will deal with extensive sign and delineator installation throughout most of the route. In addition, bridge and guard rail work will occur between markers 83 and 82.

Other work on this section calls for pavement marking between markers 79 to 90. Once again, pedestrians and cyclists using the adjacent trail, paralleling Hwy. 67, will be subject to delays.  

By comparison, this phase of the project is a little less intensive than the Divide to Cripple Creek route. As a result, this project work appears more ahead of schedule compared to the Divide to Cripple Creek section.

Regardless, patience is advised by motorists, who are asked to take alternate routes or plan for 15 to 20-minute delays in their normal driving routes.


CDOT Discovers New Source for I-25 Improvements


In other infrastructure news, the route between Teller County and Denver could get shorter in the  future.

CDOT has discovered an additional pot of $250 million in funding that could enable authorities to do a much needed area of improvement between Monument and Castle Rock. The adding of an additional lane in both directions could make this drive much quicker and safer, according to officials. This would widen a needed gap on the I-25 interchange that has frustrated motorists.

This project has been cited as must for the future of the Front Range transportation system.

However, in order for the I-25 enhancement to occur, project proponents must get the okay for a grant from the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Infrastructure For Rebuilding America. The plans also must get approved by the state’s Transportation Commission.

Two related issues to this funding will appear on the November ballot for many El Paso County voters, dealing with Pikes Peak Rural Transportation Authority monies, possibly allocated for this project. In addition, another de-Bruceing proposition could free up another pot of available money for the improvements.