A Special Employee Service Award Presented

photo by Annette Bright
~ by Rick Langenberg ~
The October Teller County Commissioners’ meeting was a full house. The room was full with many members of all three local law enforcement agencies present. The crowd attended the meeting to witness a special employee service award given to former Teller County Sheriff Commander Bud Bright.
Bud Bright worked for the Teller County Sheriff’s Office from 1991 to 2014. In 2014, his position as a commander ended. Current Teller County Sheriff Jason Mikesell felt that the county should award Bright for his service and pushed to give him an employee service award. “One man should not be able to take away 23 years of service from another man,” Mikesell commented.
In order to make the award more special, nobody told Bright about the award. The entire community was in on it and they were able to keep the award a secret and surprise Bright during the last Teller County Commissioners’ meeting. During the employee service award section of the commissioners’ meeting, Sheriff Jason Mikesell presented Bright with the award along with a special recognition. 
As a part of his excellent service award, Bud Bright was officially retired from the Teller County Sheriff’s Office as a Commander. Sheriff Mikesell felt that retiring Bright as a commander was the proper thing to do in order to show appreciation for Bright’s 23 years of service as a law enforcement officer and commander. As a part of the award, Commander Bright was given his old TCSO badge that has been held for him for the last three years.
The crowd gave Commander Bright a standing ovation as the county commissioners awarded and recognized him for his lengthy career with the county. After the award was given to Commander Bright, the commissioners’ meeting took a fifteen minute recess for everyone to socialize and celebrate with cake and refreshments. The large number of spectators at the meeting all congratulated Commander Bright for his award and wished him the best of luck with his new position as a Sergeant with the Cripple Creek Police Department.