WP Main Street Undergoes Staff Shake Up

~ by Trevor Phipps ~

Last week Woodland Park Main Street went through a drastic change in personnel, and there may be more changes yet to come. Towards the end of last week, a prominent position within Woodland Park Main Street had been terminated. The change came sudden to the majority of the Main Street Board Of Directors.

Main Street is a state wide programed aimed at revitalizing downtown areas within Colorado. The city of Woodland Park was recognized as a Main Street candidate several years ago, leading to the hiring of a Main street coordinator, which was the position that was eliminated.

Many people in the community were shocked and it prompted Woodland Park Main Street to call an emergency meeting at 4:00 p.m.last Thursday (September 14). During the emergency meeting, many concerned citizens, business owners, and two Woodland Park City Council Members were present inside the conference room at Vectra Bank. The meeting was quickly called into executive session.

In a short side note, since the meeting was called as an emergency to discuss the situation, it was against Woodland Park Main Street’s own bylaws to send the meeting into executive session.

According to TMJ News sources, once the meeting went into executive session there were four board members that asked that nobody talk to the press about the situation. Then, the discussion ended quickly because the same four board members felt that the situation should not be discussed since it was a personnel issue. It is still unclear as to why the four board members sent the meeting into executive session and asked the other members not to talk to the press.

Many members of the community are upset with the city’s decision to terminate the position in a rather unexpected way. Since Colorado currently is the only state in the country that is not a “right to work” state, the City Of Woodland Park is legally able to terminate any employee with or without any reason. According to TMJ News sources, a number of Woodland Park Main Street Board Members and business owners of the district were upset with not necessarily the fact that the position was terminated, but with the way in which it was done.

According to multiple sources, four members of the Woodland Park Main Street Board of Directors were contacted by the city to be present for a brief meeting to discuss the organization’s bylaws. Once the meeting about bylaws started, the purpose of the meeting took a sudden change. It is unclear as to why the city consulted some of the Main Street’s Board Members and not all of them to be present for the meeting.

According to TMJ News sources, there were whispers for quite some time that this particular personnel change was going to happen in the near future. Some community members think that this is a step towards Woodland Park Main Street separating from being under the financial support of the city. The Main Street Committee will be having an executive session meeting followed by a vote on Tuesday, September 19. After the executive session and vote that will take place on Tuesday at 7:00 a.m., Woodland Park Main Street is planning on having a public meeting at 3:00 p.m. TMJ News sources report that there will be even more major changes within the Woodland Park Main Street personnel. Be sure to read the Mountain Jackpot next week or go to MountainJackpot.com for the latest updates on the Woodland Park Main Street debacle.