City of Cripple Creek names new Community Development Director

~ by Rick Langenberg ~

The city of Cripple Creek has named a new community development director to head its planning,  building, zoning, preservation and economic activity functions

Bill Gray, who currently works with Grant County, will head this assignment.  City Administrator Ray DuBois noted that Gray has plenty of experience in this field, and will soon play a visible role at city hall. 

This is a position that the city previously had under a previous administration, but has vacated in the last few years.

DuBois has cited economic development as a key component of this job. In fact, the city once had a full-fledged economic development director.  And it also has employed planning and historic preservation directors who took a hands-on aggressive approach in trying to spur more economic development. That appears to be the current direction the city is taking with the new position. 

“There will be a large focus on economic development,” said the city administrator, in describing the new position.

That’s important, as the city is currently striving to spruce up its economy with more tourist and non-gaming functions. Revenue projections for the city government aren’t good, with a continual decline in betting device fees as more casinos operate with fewer games.

DuBois compares the new setup with the arrangement the town once had with Larry Manning, who previously directed its planning, building and economic development functions for many years. Manning now works with the city of Monument.

Previously, the city even toyed with a full-fledged economic development director. But that approach struck a variety of political obstacles with vastly different administrations.