Vahsholtz Family Racers Reveal Secrets Behind Record Hill Climb Records

photo by Zenfolio
Clint (right) and Codie (left) Vahsholtz outside their auto repair shop Vahshotz Automotive in Woodland Park

~ by Bob Volpe ~

With this year’s Broadmoor Pikes Peak International Hill Climb race in the record books, the Vahsholtz family of Woodland Park  has chalked up another record breaking outing.

Young Codie Vahsholtz rode his custom Husqvarna Supermoto to a record breaking first place win in the Middle Weight motorcycle division with a time of 10:34.967. Codie beat his closest competition, Brazilian
Rafael Paschoalin, by a smoking 13 seconds.

The record was held by Chris Liligard, who Codie considered his biggest challenger. Last year Codie didn’t have his best performance, but made up for it this year. He said, “We were running hard with him last year in practice and testing. I didn’t have a very good race.”

A few days before the race Codie expressed some concern about snow melt run off crossing the road that could make for a challenging race. He said, “We hope that that is good in a couple weeks. We start testing at sun up so there is a potential for ice on the road. I’m not too concerned, but it will be a little tricky if there is water on the road. I don’t think it will be dangerous.”

On race day Codie’s concerns vanished as road conditions proved not to be a detriment to a record breaking race. He credited his crew for their support and expertise in helping to set the new record.

Clint Vahsholtz is a wily veteran of the Hill Climb and had one of his best races to date this year. He holds the record for most wins of any driver to compete in the Hill Climb. He has won 23 of the 26 years he
has competed in the Hill Climb and chalked up his 24th win this year in the Open Wheel division.

This year Clint Vahsholtz smashed the Open Wheel division record formerly owned by Paul Dallenbach of 9:56.4 with a time of 9:35.7.

Like Codie, Clint gave a lot of credit to his crew. He said, “We didn’t have a lot of mechanical failures during the week, which allowed us to work on aero and mechanical grip instead of fixing broken parts. I built my own shocks. I was able to put together a package, which allowed us to lower the wing a foot, which created less drag and more speed. And because of the shock package I had better handling so I didn’t need the aero to make the car handle.”

For Clint Vahsholtz, the road conditions made for a great run. He said, “The top and bottom were absolutely perfect. The middle was just a little greasy. That was the general consensus in the car group, but for me it
was good overall.”

Earlier in the week Clint considered his biggest challenge in the Open Wheel division would come from Spencer Steel, but he managed to crush Steel who finished with a time of 10:25.9.

Perhaps the most impressive thing about Clint’s run this year was coming in third overall. The competition he faced to manage that feat is dominated by racers with deep pockets when it comes to their cars.
Clint said, “It’s hard to do. Dumas (referring to Romain Dumas who won the overall this year), has got an unlimited fund vehicle and a very expensive race car. The Acura that was in front of me, (referring to
second place overall winner Pete Cunningham’s car) was a super 4-wheel drive vehicle. The classification that my car fits in, I think did a really good job to be in the top three. You know, we’re racing
against some half a million dollar vehicles, so it did good. My vehicle is probably $50,000 total.”

A heart felt congratulations to Clint and Codie Vahsholtz for their record breaking