No More Country Bumpkins

– BY Rick Langenberg –

Gone are the days of Teller County, the Pikes Peak region and Colorado getting a bad rap as a place for “country bumpkins.”

Our fine villages are receiving national attention due to the talents of certain elected leaders and our mighty attractions, mountain views and tourism lure.

Eat your hearts out, there East and West Coast-stressed-out maniacs. We are now residing at the Center of the Known Media Universe, despite previous claims that we have resided in Hillbilly Land for too long.    

John Hickenlooper, the colorful governor of Colorado, will soon visit our fine Woodland Park abode. If certain stars align right, Hick may end up in the presidential chair, giving King Donald Trump the boot within several years. Sorry, there GOP maniacs, the stars aren’t aligning too well in 2018 for the Republican Party when the Dems will probably take over the House. You can thank King Donald and head Knight Paul Ryan for that probable plight.   

Microbrew tastings may then dominate the White House greeting area, instead of bizarre tweets, in 2020.  

Hick, who should have received the vice-presidential bid for Hillary Clinton in 2016, has received enormous media attention this year.  Must say Hick has handled this attention much better than King Donald and his staff members. But that is not saying too much

 Hillary, though, in one her spree of many stupid decisions, opted to play it boringly safe by picking former Virginia Governor Tim Kaine for her vice-presidential pick late last summer, instead of Hick. Can we pick a candidate more boring than Dullsville Kaine, there Hillary? A recent insider book, called Shattered, further illustrates the plight of Hillary’s flawed campaign decisions, an effort stifled by someone who listened to far too many consultants and opted to constantly “play it safe.” Trump, meanwhile, through his bizarre gambling ways, orchestrated probably the most effective populist campaign attempted in national history.

We are all looking forward to Hick’s visit and to see what he says, when he addressing the local folks next Monday in Woodland Park.  Regardless of your political views, Democrats or Republicans wouldn’t mind seeing a fellow Coloradoan grabbing the presidential power seat in a future election.

Hick has a strong personal story due to his previous reign as head microbrew pub owner in Denver, and his centrist political philosophy, with a combination of pro-business and environmental stands. As a result, he has gained a strong following. Go get them Hick.    

All speculations aside, Hick may give us a good plug for our Main Street and downtown revitalization program. Although he posed a few early challenges for the Colorado gaming industry in earlier years, like firing the entire gaming commission (bad move Hick), and definitely putting his foot in his mouth when it came to gun control,  he has come around to more common sense positions in the last several years.

Then, we have Colorado Springs Mayor John Suthers, a possible prospect for the FBI director position, according to The (Colorado Springs) Gazette and other media outlets. Suthers, just like Hick, has received kudos from both sides of the political aisle. He is well known In Teller County, with his former stint as the Fourth Judicial District Attorney, prior to becoming the Colorado Attorney General. Whether you like Suthers or hate him, the Springs Mayor is dubbed as a great pick by all Colorado leaders. We wish him the best of luck in his quest for this illustrious appointment.

Suthers certainly seems a much better choice than the other names thrown out.  If he does get this appointment or another national job under the Trump administration, things will definitely change for Colorado Springs and the Pikes Peak region.

Then, we have a tremendous amount of respect suddenly for Colorado’s economic resurgence. For years, Colorado has gained a status as the economic bastard child of the country.

Not any longer with the state boasting one of the lowest levels of unemployment in the nation.

Then, we have our Colorado Rockies, the best comeback baseball team of 2017. The Rocks are making a serious bid for the National League West Division title and are gaining more of a populist appeal against such revered villains as the Los Angeles Dodgers. The baseball media may suddenly have to focus on the Rocks, a team they never respected, just for the sake of the lobbying for the people’s choice. Oddly enough, the Rockies are making major advancements without the luxury of having a well-seasoned starting pitching rotation and huge dollars.   

All these factors combined are bound to put Colorado and even Teller County on the national hot seat. The latest round of state-wide accolades doesn’t even include the appointment of Colorado native Neil Gorsuch as a newest Supreme Court Justice.

On the downside, the national media may be looking over our shoulder more .And with Trump’s pending decision to end all daily press briefings at the White House, don’t be surprised if Colorado starts sporting major press events in the high country. We may even have to become more fashion-oriented with our dress attire.

Look for future fashion articles in TMJ, or how to prepare for a White House press event