Shining Mountain’s Cinco de Mayo Pro Am Disc Golf

Tournament Features Top Players in the State.

– by Bob Volpe –      

Last weekend, almost 200 amateur and professional disc golfers descended on Shining Mountain Golf Course for the 4th Annual Cinco de Mayo Pro Am tournament.

Throw Colorado once again sponsored this event and it is sanctioned by the Professional Disc Golf Association.
Saturday was amateur day and Sunday the pros came out to play. Each golfer played two 18 hole rounds.

One of the factors that makes this tournament so appealing is the availability of golf carts. The carts are not just reserved for the tournament. Anyone playing the course can rent a cart for $20 per day. The course fee is an additional $10 per player.

One of last year’s contestants described Shining Mountain, saying, “Shining Mountain is a top notch gold level disc golf course.” Players were greeting by blue bird skies and cotton candy clouds on Sunday, but the high winds made for some challenging throws. Woodland Park resident Bruce Derington, who designed the course two years ago and participated in the event, is the driving force behind the success of Shining Mountain as a disc golf mecca.  He described the Sunday tournament conditions, “The course was great, but the wind was a big factor. With all the out of bounds, it was a big factor. The carts paths are out of bounds, the sand traps are out of bounds, the greens
are out of bounds, water, roads. There’s a lot of out of bounds in this wind.”

Shining Mountain Golf Course is unique in the disc golf world. It is the only course in the state that caters to both regular golfers and disc golfers at the same time. The only caveat is that disc golfers are not allowed to play until after 3 p.m. The course is also the first of its kind in the state that has disc golf baskets set up permanently. Shining Mt. Golf Course is also open year round to disc golfers.

Disc golf is becoming so popular in Colorado that Cripple Creek is planning on building a course just for disc golfers, as part of a grant from Great Outdoors Colorado.


Derington said, “I just heard about it yesterday. I don’t know much about it. I know
it’s some killer land and they’re really excited about it.”

Some of Derington’s friends are encouraging him to get involved with the Cripple Creek venue. He said, “I’m hoping to get involved with it and get on up the mountain.” He certainly has the experience and a
proven success record with the Shining Mountain course. The golf course was closed to ball golfers during the tournament.