International Business Summit to Be Held June 14-16 in Woodland Park, CO

This international business summit will feature a mix of speakers, each successful in their respective fields

Woodland Park, CO — (ReleaseWire) — 04/25/2017 –The Charis Business Summit will
be held June 14-16. Unique to this summit is the practical help available to those
trying to launch new businesses or nonprofits, those ready to grow their
organizations to a new level or to become industry leaders, or seasoned owners
looking to sharpen or refresh their vision. This international business summit will
feature a mix of speakers, each successful in their respective fields.
Just starting out?
Building a Successful Business Model (workshop): Billy Epperhart, entrepreneur and
published author, will help you map out a journey to success using the Business
Model Generation Canvas. This insider tool will aid participants in seeing what must
be in place to transform a business concept into an established business. Learn how
Billy has used this technique to walk other entrepreneurs through the logistics of a
successful startup.
Bring Your Vision into Reality (general session): Do you have a concept? Do you know
that you are destined to operate your own business? Have you hit a roadblock in
taking your idea from concept to marketplace? Karen Conrad, marketing director of
Andrew Wommack Ministries, will help you refresh your dreams and realize your
God-given vision. With thirty years of combined experience in marketing, corporate
banking leadership, and real estate and home-staging entrepreneurship, Karen will
guide attendees through the process of taking their vision and making it a reality.
Ready for the next stage?
Prepare Your Company for Growth (workshop): Have you outgrown your current
organizational structure? If so, then it’s time for the next level! Paul Milligan, CEO of
AWM and director of the Charis Bible College Business School, has spent decades in
the corporate world, including twenty-five years building his own companies.
Workshop participants will learn how to move a business from merely existing—or
surviving—to success. This success is measured by the business’s ability to support
the owner, allowing him or her to pursue other goals and interests.
Innovation Growth Strategy (workshop): Do you want your business, product, or
service to become the next big thing within your industry? Paul Milligan, the founder
of twelve corporations and one nonprofit, will show you how good team development
helps ensure that your business becomes one of the next market leaders. The right
team can get you there!
Get the right tools!
Charis Bible College
Maximum CEO (general session): As the CEO and leader of your organization, what
you don’t know could hurt you. Dr. Dean Radtke, founder and CEO of The Institute of
Ministry Management & Leadership, will give you the tools to motivate others to give
their best in the workplace. Find out how the most unexpected member of your
organization may hold the keys to your next big wave of success.
Building a Franchise Model (workshop): Learn how to earn more from your business
without increasing your workload. Billy Epperhart will lay out the elements of the
franchise model and show you how to build one, leaving you more time and money.
Build a Marketing Plan that Produces Results (workshop): Your business is up and
running, and now you’re able to plan and project growth. What’s next? It’s time for a
marketing plan. You will leave this workshop with a plan tailored to your organization.
Karen Conrad will show you how campaign marketing produces results and gets your
product before the right audience. Get better results for fewer dollars.
Go to to see all the conference details. Invest in your business
or organization this June at the Charis Business Summit.
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