Letter to the Editor

Members in my community and surrounding area!!

Our Fire Chief was let go last night and to the best of my knowledge, no reason was given.
So … there is a large amount of unruly behavior going on here in Teller County 4-mile fire district on the political level that just infuriates me… this is my story:

As I have said for years, if it doesn’t affect my little two acres, I’m not concerned… BUT …this is a totally different story and NOW I’m sending this message to all who have been voicing theirs.
My family has been a taxpayer in this community for over 40 years and I’m letting everyone know that I have known Tom Hatton and his family for a very long time and what I have seen here on social media that is happening in my community totally infuriates me!
As a community we all need to pull together and play the political game by the law but not throw in the towel too soon and allow the opposition to win. If this happens, we all lose!
So I say to all you firefighters… you got into this because of a passion you have, a heart for the community. My son was a volunteer firefighter for years in Bennett and in Lamar and trust me when I say, the politics will never go away. You either ignore it and not let it bother your passion, or you challenge it with community support. I choose community support.
So… with that said, to all the volunteer firefighters, don’t let the dragon win and throw in your towel! The community needs your support and without 4-mile, there will be GREAT ramifications to follow.
Insurance premiums for one, taxes, the list goes on, not to mention loss of home and or life if there is not sufficient support in the area. SO PLEASE STAY STRONG AND STICK TO YOUR PASSION!
To sum up… DON’T LET THE DRAGON WIN, STAY STRONG. Things will work out as they are supposed to.

This is for Tom: We all know you have done a fantastic job for the community and your response time has been stellar! We couldn’t ask for a better leader for the district! Appreciation by a handshake or a thank you isn’t enough. Keep the faith buddy, I’ll be in touch soon!

If a petition is what is needed to start the ball rolling, I’m in,, my family is in.. and my neighbors will support this as well.
I do believe the media needs to be notified to bring light to what is happening, TMJ, Gazette, radio and if possible television. The truth will come out.