Green Box Arts Project Generating Mixed Views

~ by Rick Langenberg ~

Photo by Woodland Park Underground

While town leaders strongly agree on supporting the town manager concept, they are somewhat at odds over a new bold, artistic display, proposed by the Green Box Arts Festival group.  This signature display, entitled “Field of Light,” will dot the Green Mountain Falls flag park area, above the old marshal’s building for several months. It will be installed between mid-June and July 1 and will remain a fixture of the town park until mid-September.

During a discussion last week, several trustees raised concerns about details of the project, pertaining to the display location and lighting and possible conflicts with other festivals. Mayor Pro Tem Cameron Thorne and Trustee David Pearlman objected to a temporary permit request, made by Green Box Arts representative Jesse Stroope. In addition, Trustee Chris Quinn sought a delay in any approval action, until local residents got a chance to evaluate plans for the project. Stroope noted that delays could hinder the project. He also cited the importance of having this project displayed at the flagpole park area.

The majority board members supported the concept. They also praised the work Green Box has done in the past, and expressed confidence that any details over lighting and working with town leaders could get worked out.

For the last several years, the Green Box Arts group has emphasized a signature display exhibit during the summer and early fall. One of their more notable displays, entitled Cloud City, was once featured at the Metropolitan Art Museum in New York City.

The Field of Light art display, based on the work of a well-known artist, will be lit up at night from dusk until 10 p.m.