GMF heading to the finish line in selection of new town boss

~ by Rick Langenberg ~

The town of Green Mountain Falls has lost one city boss, but will soon gain another head manager/city clerk within the next few weeks.

Last week marked the end of the administrative reign of John Pick, who assumed the interim town managerial ropes for GMF for six months, as part of a six-month state contract for nearly $50,000. His six-month stint served as a partial experiment to evaluate whether local leaders wanted to operate through a town manager style of government, instead of having elected trustees make the decisions regarding personnel and daily operations.

Apparently, many leaders and residents want to continue with this town manager format. But at the same time, future questions persist over funding this position in future years.   

Town leaders are eying a more permanent new manager/city clerk and have conducted interviews with a number of candidates. In his final comments as head city boss, Pick thanked the town leaders and expressed confidence that they could bring on a new head manager shortly.

 Four candidates were asked for return interviews, with a final interview scheduled for April 11.

The salary of this position won’t nearly match what Pick was paid, with a total initial annual salary of approximately $60,000 for the new town manager, who also will act as a city clerk.

The city won’t have to pick up much of the tab this year, with considerable assistance from the state. But under this arrangement, the town government will have to fund this position 100 percent within three years. Based on the town’s revenue situation and its capital improvement demands, this could provide some hefty  challenges, requiring leaders to pursue other grant opportunities, secure new funding sources, or make budget cuts.  

According to city officials, the town hopes to have a new town manager on board shortly.