Winter Sports Recap

No big surprises for Woodland Park winter teams


by Mac McClintock         


The winter sports season has officially screeched to a halt in Woodland Park, producing an eventful time for two basketball teams and for local wrestlers.  

While it might not have been the most successful sports season, the school district scored definite victories when it comes to athletic entertainment.  

The season actually started off fairly well for the boys’ b-ball team. In their out of league schedule, the Panthers were able to jump to a 5-2, and at one point, they had an unprecedented four-game winning streak. But when the league season started in January, things quickly turned south. Coming into the season Woodland Park had not won a league boys’ basketball game since January 25, 2013.

And for most of the season, it looked like Woodland Park might still be a year away from winning a league game. That was of course until they went on the road against Canon City, a team they had lost to earlier in the season by three points. The boys’ team, though, was able to shock many people in the community by winning their first league game of the season. In the process, the Panthers also snapped a 64-game league losing streak.

The team’s overall record this season was 6-17 with a 1-15 league mark. Overall, there were several positives to take from this season, and it will be interesting to see if they can improve going forward.

The girls’ team this season seemed to actually follow a similar pattern to the boys’ team. In their out of league schedule, they were able to go 4-3 which at the time seemed like it would give them good momentum heading into the league season. The lady Panthers were able to win their first league game against Mitchell by a score of 49-36. Following this win the tides started to turn against Woodland Park. They would go on to lose their next six league games until they finally got to play Mitchell. 

And to surprise of local sports buffs, they were able to sweep Mitchell with the season series. After once again defeating Mitchel, the girls’ team would go onto lose their next seven league games before closing out the season with a league win against Elizabeth. The team’s overall record was 7-16 with a 3-13 league mark.

As for the Woodland Park wrestlers three members of the team were able to qualify for the state tournament this year. Those three included Jordan Houck, Holt Brashears and Cole Grey.

Despite the up and down cycle for the winter teams for the Panthers, the season wasn’t that surprising. The basketball teams’ successful play in their out of league games was very predictable as the school deliberately scheduled easier opponents this year for those contests, which is smart. The boys’ team finally winning a league game also shouldn’t be much of a shock either. Obviously it is a great accomplishment, but at some point the law of averages has to kick in for the Woodland Park hoopsters and they would have to win a game.

Woodland Park still has a lot of work to do on their basketball programs, but this is a predictable step in the right direction.