Response to A Scary Story

Dear Editor:

Kudos to Eli Stone for his great opinion article in last week’s TMJ! 

I had no idea a sinister “shadow government” was setting up shop a mere 2 miles from the White House! Thank God Melania and Barron are safe within the confines of Trump Tower. Does the Dept. of Homeland Security know about this? I think this development could easily qualify as a domestic terror threat. At the very least Obama could be arrested or deported back to Kenya —– everybody knows he was never a U.S. citizen to begin with. It’s articles like this that make me wonder why I even bother to listen to the liberal news media.

Who needs 60 Minutes when we’ve got Eli Stone? I would feel guilty if I got his hopes up, but can’t help thinking he is definitely in the running for the Stephan Bannon Award for journalistic excellence. I will anxiously await the next addition of T.M.J! I’m just glad I don’t have to pay for it.


John Stone