Top-rated Historic Museum Hits Funding Jackpot

The Cripple Creek District Museum, regarded as one of the top-rated museum properties in the Western United States, will  receive an annual $40,000 contribution by the city government.

With much enthusiasm, the council last week agreed to the annual museum funding allotment and heavily lauded the work of Richard Tremayne, the current director. “You have made an incredible difference,” said Councilman Chris Hazlett, during a previous meeting.  

In a detailed report, Tremayne noted that the museum has launched a much more aggressive campaign to attract visitors, increase its displays and to promote special events. He also announced a few bold plans for the future. “We are attracting a lot of people,” said Tremayne.  

He touted 2016 as one of their most successful business years and expects this trend to continue. He cited the formation of a bevy of committees and action groups. According to Tremayne, the museum has one of the best gold displays in the state and has gained much popularity with its railroad room and rock shop.

He also highlighted such current and future projects as a Peiffer family display, a new roof on the depot and even a future meeting area, along with a continued emphasis on special events and marketing. The museum, regarded as one of the town’s revered gems, features four properties.