“Move Over” Law Campaign Continues in Teller County

Last Thursday (Feb. 16), deputies from the Teller County Sheriff’s Office again participated in the state-wide “Operation 1 Charlie 3” to enforce the State of Colorado’s “Move Over” law. 

Agencies from all over the state of Colorado participated in this operation, with Feb. 16 representing the third iteration.  Prior to the enforcement day, variable CDOT message boards state-wide were set to read messages reminding drivers to yield to stationary emergency vehicles.  Our agency, along with approximately twenty-four other law enforcement agencies around the state, used social media accounts to remind people to yield to stationary emergency vehicles. 

 Last month, our agency made a press release to mainstream media in the Pikes Peak region regarding these operations.The ”Move Over” law is in place to protect law enforcement, safety crews, and other emergency vehicles as they work to keep drivers safe.  When there is an emergency vehicle on the side of the highway or road, the law requires drivers to move over one lane away from the emergency vehicle to provide a safe buffer for its occupant(s).  If it is a one lane road or traffic doesn’t allow, drivers must greatly reduce their speed when approaching the emergency vehicle.   

The most recent operation, which occurred on January 25, 2017, involved twelve agencies that contacted 477 drivers who were in violation of the “Move Over” law.

Last week’s operation in Teller County concentrated on Highways 24 and 67.  Enforcement action was taken as a result of drivers failing to yield to law enforcement officials that were actively working on the shoulder of the highway.  The following enforcement action was taken:

 Total traffic stops: 27

Citations issued for failure to yield: 11

Warnings issued for other violations: 16