Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor:

Accolades to Woodland Park’s former Finance Director Kellie Case for exposing City Manager David Buttery’s “absurd…irresponsible” evaporation of City Taxpayer’s reserve fund to “inappropriate…risky” levels. Ms. Case’s expertise in City finance is indisputable, having 17 years as the city’s Director of Finance. Her tenure includes an era before Buttery, when city council and staff worked together drafting city law to ensure sensible financial management by city administration. Those laws include:

Ordinance 815 requiring matching funds for expenditures of Transportation Capital Fees (TCFs)

Section 9.17 prohibiting waiver of municipal fees and use of municipal funds for developers’ required infrastructure extensions

Section 7.4 requiring appropriations to be made by ordinance

Section 3.4 protections against conflict of interest

All of which have been ignored by the Buttery administration.

For example, in the imaginative fiscal world of David Buttery, expenditures of City TCFs meet the requirement for matching funds by matching those expenditures with other City expenditures of TCFs.

Generally accepted municipal standards typically advise a 10-20% reserve fund for towns of Woodland’s size as opposed to the anemic 1% reserve Buttery asserts as acceptable. Of course, with only $101K emergency money remaining in the City treasury, there is now significantly less opportunity for City insiders to relieve City taxpayers of additional huge cash.

Also exemplifying Buttery’s irresponsible management is the city’s donation of $317,453 in unmatched TCFs, general funds and waived fees to a private development owned by a former City Mayor Pro Tem–as was advocated and completed by the Buttery administration for the Trail Ridge Apartments on May 1st of 2014—just days, by the way, before our 17 year finance director abruptly resigned.

Godspeed, Finance Director Case. Thank you for your genuine concern and professional resolve–being so uncommon these days.

Joe Morin
Woodland Park