Letter to the Editor

El Paso County Commissioner Supports Broadband Initiatives

Dear Editor:

Broadband ballot initiatives 1B (Teller County) 1A (El Paso County) improves technology opportunities for the future

The airwaves have been filled with initiatives during this campaign season, but little has been said about an important local initiative in Teller and El Paso counties on the ballot. Since these initiatives requires no tax increase, you won’t see them in the State’s Blue Book or in the County’s informational ballot piece. These important measures would put our respective counties on even footing with more than sixty other Colorado counties and municipalities where voters have recognized the value of public-private partnerships as a way to extend affordable high speed internet and broadband services to everyone.

A yes vote on these initiatives, authorizes Teller and El Paso counties to provide, at no additional cost to taxpayers, any or all of the services currently restricted by Senate Bill 05-152, which limits local government from providing “telecommunication service” and “advanced service” (broadband) to the general public. 1B (Teller) and 1A (El Paso) permits, by public vote, an opt-out provision which allows commercial providers to tap into our counties’ existing or planned fiber and create partnership opportunities which are currently unavailable due to the restrictions imposed by State government. This restores local control over the future of our technology needs and resident accessibility, especially evident in today’s changing cyber world.

These initiatives are intended to assist local communities in El Paso County with improved access to reliable, affordable high speed internet and broadband services for the effective delivery of public safety, healthcare, education, personal and economic opportunity, targeted primarily at rural and underserved areas within the County which have limited or no broadband services. These may also serve to lower the wholesale cost of broadband supply to commercial Internet Service Providers, making it economically feasible for residential and commercial delivery and expansion of broadband services to more remote areas.

One of the frequent frustrations I hear from citizens, is that service providers tell them there are not a sufficient number of users to cover the costs of expanding service in their neighborhoods. And, while several broadband studies are currently in process in Teller and El Paso counties, there are significant limitations in providing access solutions. Unfortunately, this restrictive State law did not anticipate the future of technology and prohibits local government collaboration with commercial providers to improve service to the community. The Board of County Commissioners in both counties referred the ballot initiatives and passage will give us more opportunities to partner with both counties, and towns and cities which have referred similar ballot initiatives for improved broadband services.

El Paso County Commissioners stated during the discussion on this initiative that the lack of high speed data and cellular communications were challenges during both the Waldo Canyon and Black Forest Fires. It just makes sense that if public entities are already building the “middle mile” infrastructure for public safety purposes, private companies should be able to use excess capacity to make it more efficient to extend broadband services. If those fiber optic lines to its facilities and those lines have excess capacity, it is more efficient for private providers to tie into those lines and build out service to homes and businesses. The ability to partner with one of the private providers in an agreement, will provide what we need for emergency communications and also expands services to more citizens without any tax increase. During our public discussion, a citizen came forward and stated that his neighborhood had been struggling for years to get service and appreciated the County’s stepping up to help.

A Yes vote on 1B (Teller County) and 1A (El Paso County) is a yes vote for local partnership opportunities and incentives to provide high-speed internet services for the benefit of our citizens.

Sallie Clark
Chair, El Paso County Board of Commissioners