Preview of Broncos vs. Chargers Part Deux


Coach Kubiak was once the Texan’s head coach. He was unceremoniously fired in 2013, despite have the most wins in Texans history.

Wade Phillips was the Texan’s defensive coordinator during the Texan’s best seasons in 2011-2012.

Brock Osweiler left the Broncos to take a huge salary and abandoned the team that drafted him and set him up to be the heir apparent to Peyton Manning.

Bronco safety Shilo Keo played for the Texans and was cut.

Anyway, that has all been played out and the winner, already determined. More details on that game will be provided in the next Broncos’ beat due to our deadlines for the Oct. 25 issue.

Instead, this week we will look ahead to the rematch with the Chargers, who beat the Broncos in San Diego 13-21 on October 13.

The Bronco/Chargers rivalry goes back to the very beginning of the AFL (American Football League), when it was formed in 1960. The first two times they played, the Chargers lived in LA and were called the Los Angeles Chargers. They moved to San Diego in 1963.

The first four times the two teams played from 1960-61 the Chargers owned the Broncos. It wasn’t until December 7th 1962 that the Broncos beat the Chargers. Back then the head coach was Jack Faulkner and the quarterback was Frank Tripucka.

The 1962 season was also the year, in which Denver switched to their orange and blue color scheme, abandoning the brown and mustard yellow color scheme of the franchise’s first two seasons.

Both teams have come a long way since those early days of the AFL.

In the last 11 meetings, the Broncos have beaten the Chargers 9 times, but the last meeting on October 13th left a sour taste in the Broncos mouths. Coach Kubiak was forced to sit the game out due to health issues, and interim head coach Joe DeCamillis coached a lousy game. The Broncos were humiliated on both sides of the ball and the loss put the team in a tie for first in the AFC West with the hated Oakland Raiders.

Hopefully the Broncos escaped the Texan’s game with few or no injuries and they will be full strength when they see the Chargers in Denver next week.

The Broncos have owned the AFC West for the last 5 seasons. They have taken the AFC West Championship in each of the last 5 years.

Division games are always a tough row to hoe and this year the AFC West is loaded with talent.

Both the Raiders and the Chiefs are strong this year and are looking to knock the Broncos off.

The Chargers have been the whipping boy of the AFC West for some time and are also looking to make a statement in the division this year.

The October 30th match up will be the Bronco’s chance to redeem themselves and take back command of the AFC West.