It’s not too Soon to be Thinking About your Christmas Shopping List – Bob Volpe


The early Christmas shopper avoids the mayhem and chaos of crowded malls. Add to that the stress and dealing with snow packed roads, and you can see that shopping early is a pretty good idea.

The leaves are changing, and the crisp bite of autumn is in the air. What better time than now to combine a drive to view the aspens and take a few minutes to do some shopping?

You’ve been buying your dad Christmas presents your whole life so finding something he’ll love and be able to use for a long time can be a real challenge.

If your dad is an outdoor enthusiast, or makes his living working in the elements, nothing says, “I’m thinking of you dad.” like warm clothes.

Woodland Hardware is an authorized Carhart dealer. They’ve just received a big shipment of the latest designs, as well as, the working man’s classic canvas Carhart clothing.

Carhart is the gold standard in clothes designed for use in harsh winter play and working conditions. Their products are well insulated and durable and have stood the test of time when it comes to lasting quality. Nothing lasts longer under heavy use.

This year Woodland Hardware’s line of Carharts includes new heavy weight plaid flannel shirts and a large selection of hoodies, jackets, pants, jeans, and shirts for work and play, in a wide variety of colors.

They are also well stocked right now with big man size Carharts, but these move fast, so don’t wait too long to shop for your big guy.

A nice thing about Carharts is that they come in a wide variety of sizes, not just the usual small, medium, and large. Woodland Hardware carries medium tall, large tall, extra-large tall, and 2X extra large tall sizes so you’ll find the perfect fit. These additional sizes are important for movement and physical activity, so you don’t wind up literally in a bind.

If your dad is an outdoor guy or works in the elements he’ll love getting some Carharts for Christmas.

Be sure to ask for Samantha when you stop in at Woodland Hardware for your dad’s Carharts. She can lead you through the selections and help you make the right choice.

By the way, they also have a selection of Carharts for women too, so don’t forget your active mom.

And remember to shop locally.