Broncos Spank Colts 34-20 – Bob Volpe


Big horses should be nice to little horses, but when those pygmy ponies get all up in your face 9 out of the last 10 times you played with them, it’s time to put your hoof down.

The Colts have owned the Broncos going back to when Peyton Manning was chucking the rock for the them. Since Andrew Luck took the reins, the Colts, have beaten Denver 3 out of 4 times.

Yeah, it was about time the Broncos shook that monkey off their backs and put those Colts back in the barn with a sore behind.

Trevor Seimian started his second career game and continues to show remarkable poise. Seimian moved the team well between the 35 yard lines but is still not finishing drives with TD’s.

Denver’s offense only scored 1 touchdown the entire game. That score came on a 4 yard burst by CJ Anderson.

Except for Anderson’s rushing TD all the Broncos could do was make field goals, until the fourth quarter. It was enough to keep those tenacious Colts at bay and the fourth quarter started with the Broncos up by 3 points 16-13.

It looked like this game was going to go down to the wire. The Colts had the ball at the start of the fourth quarter. Andrew Luck dropped back to pass on 3rd and 15 from his own 35 yard line. Aquib Talib stepped in front of the Colt second year wide receiver Phillip Dorsett and took the INT to the house.

Broncos upped the score 23-16 with Talib’s pick 6, and a sigh of tentative relieve passed over the stadium.

You have to give Andrew Luck and the Indy Colts a lot of respect. They never give up.

Just when the Broncos thought they made a statement, the defense uncharacteristically gave up a 12 play 5:28 TD drive, and the Colts narrowed the score to 3 points.

Cool as a cucumber, Seimian drove the Broncos back to the Colt’s 17 on the next possession.

With 1:55 left in the game, 4th and 1, on the Colt 17, Kubiak had to face a decision that could turn a close victory into an agonizing defeat. Go for the first and put the game away? Kick the field goal and take the points? But that would leave Luck almost 2 minutes and a TD by the Colts would win the game.

The coach decided to go for the field goal and put the fate of the team in the hands of the Bronco defense.

McManus nailed the 35 yarder and it was time for Luck to try his luck at pulling a rabbit out of his hat for the Colts.

With 1:51 left on the clock, Luck dropped back to pass from his 25.

And then, it was Miller time.

Von Miller strip sacked Luck with a move that was eerily reminiscent of the sack he laid on Cam Newton in the Super Bowl.

The ball was free and Shane Ray scooped it up and bolted 15 yard for the second defensive score of the fourth quarter.

Broncos close the door on the Colt comeback and win this one 34-20, and move into first place in the AFC West.

Next week the Broncos travel to Cincinnati to take on “The Red Headed Menace,” Andy Dalton and the Cincinnati Bengal’s.