Police Capture Fugitive

The Woodland Park Police, with the help of several other law enforcement agencies, arrested a 38-year-old fugitive, following an extensive manhunt last week.

Donald Moss of Woodland Park was charged with second-degree assault, false imprisonment, domestic violence, along with additional charges of second-degree kidnapping and third-degree assault. After fleeing from a residence in Woodland Park several times, Moss was apprehended with the assistance of the El Paso County Sheriff’s K9, Swat and Crime Reduction units, the Teller County Sheriff Department, Colorado Parks and Wildlife and the Woodland Park Police Department. He was captured without any incident. This ended a several week pursuit.

Prior to his apprehension, the Woodland Park Police notified citizens last week of increased law enforcement visibility in the Forest Edge neighborhood. They were advised that an active search for Moss, who reportedly didn’t have a weapon, was ongoing. Residents in the area were advised to contact the police if they spotted any suspicious activity.

The search for Moss began on July 31, when the Woodland Park Police Department received a report of domestic violence at a local residence. The suspect, identified as Moss, fled the scene.

The police then obtained an arrest warrant for a variety of charges related to domestic violence. The suspect was spotted at the same residence on Aug. 19 and then again on Aug. 25, with a second warrant being issued that involved more charges. In both cases, the suspect eluded the police, or fled before they arrived.

However, he was finally arrested on Aug. 25 shortly before 11 a.m. Woodland Park Police Chief, Miles De Young, in a press release, thanked the community for its cooperation and patience.