No Limits on Amendment 69

No Limits on Amendment 69
Dear Editor:

Interesting article recently from Eli Stone.
He covered many different aspects or where we are now and where we could possibly be heading.

I’m sure Mr. Stone’s opinion, like so many of his other opinions, will reap the condemnation from some regulars with different opinions, and that is fair. His possible predictions of what will happen to Colorado should Amendment 69 pass in November are a realistic possibility, but we will have to wait and see should it pass.

What does concern me the most about this topic is the relentless obsession with more taxes on the workers the state and federal politicians have. This “Colorado Health Care Plan” is not free! Someone must pay for it. There is no “sunset clause” or max. limits placed on it for the taxpayer and employer to pay. The politicos and the non-elected board have Cart Blanc on increasing the tax burden whenever they wish. Obama Care is financially in trouble and insurers are dropping like flies. 2017 will be even more new surprises for the folks that need medical insurance, and that work and pay taxes.

I guess that money tree for this amendment is at the Colorado State Capital, but its roots are deep in our pockets.

R. Patterson