New Divide Sports Bar Approved by Commissioners- Rick Langenberg


The Denver Broncos may not have a great chance of repeating as Super Bowl champs for 2016.

In fact, Las Vegas odds-makers say they have zilch chance of defending their title, with the retirement of Peyton Manning and a possible quarterback controversy brewing (see related column in TMJ).

But fans from Divide Colorado, known by locals as the “Center of the Known Universe” and other nearby locales are ready to root them on in style, and view other pigskin offerings inside the confines of a new sports bar.

Last week, the Teller County commissioners approved a modification of the premises of McGinty’s Wood Oven Pub, a signature restaurant in Divide since late 2010.

According to Tracy McGinty, the proprietor of McGinty’s, the restaurant wants to open a new 1,200-square-foot area, which formerly housed the Divide Mercantile store, for a new addition. This is just one of a slew of enhancements planned in Divide.

“We don’t have much in the way of a sports bar atmosphere,” said McGinty, in describing the impetus for the move, during last week’s commissioners meeting.

She said the new addition would feature a huge big screen television area, and possible seven other prime televisions for sports viewing. Contrary to McGinty’s Wood Oven Pub restaurant, she said the new addition would feature more of a bar atmosphere. McGinty’s, since its inception, has gained a niche as one of the area’s prime restaurants, with an Irish theme.

Ideally, McGinty said she hopes to have the expansion up and running for the beginning of the football season, whether the Broncos are ready or not for another Super Bowl debut.

The commissioners enthusiastically approved the modification request, a technical requirement that the McGinty’s operators had to overcome in order to move the project forward. Of course, the current elected leaders aren’t a hard group to please when it comes to sports and business amenities, with Commissioner Dave Paul boasting of attending nearly every Broncos home game in recent years.

Commission Chairman Norm Steen commented that the restaurant has been quite busy this summer. McGinty agreed, citing 2016 as a good year for the Wood Oven Pub.

“Thank you for bringing a great business to Teller County,” said Paul. Unfortunately, as a staunch Broncos ticket-holder, Paul said he couldn’t attend the opening game at McGinty’s, but looked forward to the completion of the sports bar expansion.

The commissioners appeared interested in details of the McGinty’s expansion bid, even though their actual approval action didn’t have to focus on these details. For the last several years, rumors have bustled regarding other sports bar projects in Woodland Park, but none have materialized.

The new expansion of McGinty’s is just one of a slew of projects occurring in the Divide area. This popular crossroads junction has experienced much talk of a business renaissance, with the Saddle Club project, the Paradox Beer company relocation and a variety of events.

In another bout of good economic news, Teller County Treasurer Bob Campbell announced that Teller County may have its lowest amount of foreclosures in 10-plus years. Based on current trends for quarterly foreclosures, Campbell estimates that 2016 will finish the year with approximately 60 foreclosures, which is quite low for Teller County.

During the recession that bombarded the area in 2008, Teller bustled with more than 300 annual foreclosures and was considered one of the top foreclosure areas in Colorado on a per capita basis.

It has taken Teller a little longer to climb out of the recession than other locales, but times are definitely improving, according to financial and real estate experts.