Construction begins on new Grassy Valley Mining Overlook

Area to replace American Eagles site

Work has officially begun on a new overlook that will provide residents and visitors with access to a spectacular view of Newmont Mining Corporation’s large scale, high-tech modern gold mining operations at the Cripple Creek & Victor (CC&V) Gold Mine.

The overlook will replace the former American Eagles area that was shut down last spring due to safety concerns. This site formerly served as one of the big attractions in the Victor area, generating at least 6,000 visitors a year. However, access to the American Eagles posed problems and presented security concerns for CC&V. After conducting a number of public meetings, Newmont Mining officials decided to shut the site down and to work on opening a new scenic overlook.

Located just north of CC&V’s active Wild Horse Extension Surface mine on Teller County Road (TCR) 82 (between Colorado Highway 67 and TCR 81), the new overlook will allow community members and visitors to “safely watch enormous 250 ton CAT 793 haul trucks, mine shovels, and productions blast drills in Colorado’s largest gold mining operation,” according to Newmont officials.

The new overlook provides a dynamic view of modern mining operations along with a scenic view of the historic area known as Grassy Valley, and will officially be called the Grassy Valley Mining Overlook. This was one of the main sites company officials mulled, when it considered shutting down the American Eagles Overlook.

This location is only a quarter mile east of one of Newmont CC&V’s historic mining preservation sites known as the Hoosier Complex (which is also the trailhead for the Gold Camp Trail through Cripple Creek’s famous Poverty Gulch), making it a must-see area for anyone exploring the area’s ongoing mining heritage. It also is closer to Cripple Creek than the previous American Eagles area, so it could generate more tourist traffic.