Pointing Out Stupid – Murph Unleashed – by Eli Stone

“You can’t fix stupid, you can only point it out.” Unknown
As we move into the final throws of summer, I find myself asking just how stupid can folks act?I think people are looking at that question as a challenge. I see the growing insurgency that the Islamic world is brining in, the elections, the stupid hole at the rest area in Woodland Park, Hillary and company saying that we need to be building bridges for immigrants, Donald Trump saying that we need to build a big wall on the Mexican border. Yea the list just goes on and on.Other things I ask myself, which party is disintegrating faster, the RNC or the DNC? I am getting so tired of the same old routine, would they implode already? What did we do before there were parties anyway? Politics are such a bore. And yes that means Donald and Hillary are both BORING, and stupid.There was once a country that brought up men. It was called America. Today, I think the sissy cry baby bed wetter is more predominate than men.The Veteran’s Administration will now fix the problems for the transgender crowd by offering the necessary surgeries to those who want to gender bend. Okay, for those who want to, go do that, but not on the tax payer’s dime please. There are those who earned their battle scars and need medical care that has of course sky rocketed under Obummer. I don’t think that getting elective surgery was really ever intended to be one of the items the VA was to offer to it’s veterans.Then there’s the FBI. Who admitted that Hillary Clinton violated the law. Exposed classified information to the Ethernet, internet, aka Al Gore’s interweb, and while it wasn’t hacked from Hillary’s server, it was hacked from her minion’s computers and or servers. But apparently no foul, and no harm because she is special. If the average government employee had done the same the same actions in the same way they would be looking at years behind bars. So if Edward Snowden is a traitor then so is Hillary. If Hillary committed no crime then neither did Edward Snowden. The FBI all but came out and said, “Yup, we’re all corrupt, what are you going to do about it?” Federal law dictates people are to be punished for gross negligence, not intent…Seeing as this simple fact under the law has now been permanently altered by our law enforcers, but not the judiciary, where does that leave us…as a nation of laws?Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney (D) said on MSNBC’s “AM Joy” Saturday that GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump and his supporters want to “go back to the good old days” when African-Americans could not sit at the lunch counter or ride in the front of a bus. Now that is really stupid.The establishment, and many others, think that none of us should judge muslims based on the actions of a few radicals. But, every time a wack job who is not a muslim goes crazy with a gun we should definitely judge all gun owners based on those actions.Then we have the wikileaks fiasco with Debbie Wasserman Schulz…..she resigns but Hillary makes sure that Debbie doesn’t have to go without a job. Hillary hires Debbie who obviously has no integrity. But hey, what’s a lack of integrity between politicians. Well, Hillary does stand a chance because we know about her voter base. Same super intelligent folks that just knew Obama would fix America. I found out recently that the schools in Woodland Park have a no homework policy. Was I born too soon. So, the kids will wait until the get a job, or maybe go to college to learn about deadlines…got it. School, it’s not about education anymore. It’s about making compliant voters.The oxymoron of the month, well, it might be the year. Black Lives Matter, but then if you look at the statistics, which ethnicity uses planned parenthood most in these United States? I don’t get BLM.I had someone ask me the other day if I thought there was a connection between Black Lives Matter and ISIS in connection with all the police being ambushed and gunned down. I referred them to the 2014 article where the leader of Iran came to the UN and also met with Louis Farakhan and the New Black Panthers. People have such short memories.At the end of the election I have a feeling that there will be no difference in who ever our next president is. Both support the “complex”, both are beholding to wall street, support the invasion of privacy, entitlements, and the federal reserve.If ever there has been a time for public dissidence, these are the days. I mean we have a government that has all but gone completely rogue. Not a single branch of the government is doing its job. The executive branch is not executing the law of the land. The legislatures only know how to legislate us out of our money and the judiciary is not meeting out justice. So what is a people to do when this occurs?The multi-pronged insurgency under which we suffer is all but overtly aided by the current administration. The beginning phases of a brutal revolution are brewing here in the United States and people are either ignoring it or too stupid to recognize this war for what it is, a war. The liberal agenda of the 1960s is coming home to roost. The socialist, communist, and idiots are well pleased, I am sure.Not long ago one of my detractors was accusing me of many things. Sedition, being a traitor, and just plain talking bad about me for my belief system. So I will have no compassion for him when the Splatter Hits the Fan.The detractor was saying that there is no way that an insurgency here in America could ever dream of defeating the all-powerful military industrial complex. So how’s that working out in Afghanistan? In Iraq? Our boys’ hands are all but tied.You know the world situation is a little less stable every day. Cops are being gunned down at an ever more alarming rate, and more and more extremists are crossing our borders.The corruption is now blatant and like I said before the chickens from the plots hatched in the 1960s are finally coming home to roost. No one is going to take care of you, you need to take care of yourself. I loved one of the facebook posts I read a while back in which a Libtard Professor was saying how they need to go in and attack the NRA and start disarming gunowners….with guns.Sorry to be the bearer of bad news folks, but the peaceful days we knew and loved in America are coming to a close.Stupid is, as stupid does. I really feel as though the political parties have taken all of this to a new low. How stupid can it get? Who knows, but I will tell you this, it will escalate at an excruciating slow pace, until it comes knocking on your door. Remember, the founders declined a democracy for a reason.