Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor:

Editor’s Note. The following is in response to a previous letter, penned by Ron Patterson of Florissant, which appeared in the July 12 issue of TMJ.

Correcting the record

I just read Mr. Patterson’s response to my calling Mad Dog for what he is.

It seems Mr. Patterson is not well informed. First, I have no beef with The Mountain Jackpot. It is a favorite publication of mine. Second, I do not believe all cops are racist. But I do believe every law enforcement officer should do his job to serve and protect their communities. I know of so many cops who do exactly that.

From my observation, Mr. Mad Dog Murf does have a narrow hateful mind. I quit watching Fox News because of the hate of all who are not Republicans. I want to see people stop hating those who are not like them in every way, and I would like to see people look at the rest of the word and not just the very intolerant cop viewpoint.
I am not your enemy, I have just been screwed by Saint Regan for the last three decades.

Mr. Patterson should get the log out his eye and examine the bigger picture, instead of rushing to judge someone who keeps informed on most issues, facts and proof.

I understand Mr. Patterson hates me because I’m not like him. I feel sorry for him I really do. By the way, I am not a Democrat.

Douglas Harvey
Woodland Park