Local Fans Gambling on Broncos Upset

Our hardcore cadre of Monday morning quarterbacks and football pollsters has several top words to deliver to Las Vegas odds-makers: Shove it. In convincing fashion, local pigskin experts or non-experts are defying the odds in rallying behind the Denver Broncos for Super Bowl 50. National sports pundits, television broadcasters, and so-called experts are predicting a victory by the Carolina Panthers by five and a half or so points. What are they thinking, or maybe they have smoked too much of Colorado’s cannabis products?

For the Denver Broncos, it is their eighth appearance in the big game and their second within a two-year period. That’s not a bad record. Carolina, meanwhile, is only making its second appearance in the spotlight game.

But still, the so-called experts are placing their bets on the Panthers due to their overall power and the fact that they nearly obtained a perfect mark going into the Super Bowl. In addition, they are riding the wave of probably the most intimidating quarterback in the last few years with Cam Newton. The Broncos are still regarded as one of the weakest number one seeds from the AFC to gain admission to the mighty contest.

Unlike two years ago, the Broncos aren’t quite the talk of the media, when sportswriters, broadcasters and bloggers were ready to hand Peyton Manning a ticket to immortality and were prepared to carve a Greek-like statute in his honor. This time, Peyton isn’t even the story, with locals saying: It’s the defense dummy.

But without further delays, here are some choice opinions from a few of our pigskin Monday morning quarterbacks.

Dave Paul, Teller County Commissioner and Hardcore Broncos Fan: The Denver Broncos will win by a score of 21-20. “I am going to the Super Bowl game (in California) and will be cheering from the south stands just like I do at every home Broncos game. The stars are aligned. Defense wins championships.” Dave knows his Broncos well, generating quite a track record of fan longevity with 18 years of possessing Broncos season tickets. In fact, he has only missed one game during this period to attend a family wedding (an acceptable excuse, but Dave still wishes he had attended that game). Paul even sees the game as a prelude to the political battles this year, with the Broncos assuming the role as Republicans.

Ralph Ostlund, Divide resident and former Olympic skier (until a TMJ staffer took him on a hill of doom): The Broncos will win by 27-24. “Defense wins championships. But we need at least two big plays from our prized player (Peyton Manning). We are going against the best team in the league. We have had a great eight quarters (in the playoffs so far), and just need another four. Peyton needs to go out on top. It is like it is scripted for us.” And like most local fans, Ralph maintains that the Broncos have learned the lessons of two years ago, and won’t make the mistake of shooting off their mouths and getting way to overconfident. Plus, he notes they are a competitive team, setting a record for winning close games.

Jon De Vaux, Woodland Park Business Owner and Planning Commission Chairman: The Denver Broncos will win by 27-21. “It’s all about defense. I think the Broncos will score at least four field goals. If the defense comes through again and contains (Panthers quarterback) Cam Newton, the Broncos will definitely win. Otherwise, it’s going to get ugly.” Plus, he wants to see Peyton Manning go out in style, in a Super Bowl that everyone is predicting will be his last game as a player. “I want them to win for Peyton.”
Lorrie Worthey, Mayor of Green Mountain Falls: The Denver Broncos will win by 21-17. “Our late son Jacob (who died in 2014 following a bout with leukemia) was a huge Denver Broncos fan. He will be watching over the Broncos during this game.” Also, Lorrie, a staunch Broncos fan herself, cites the team’s premiere defense.

Maureen Manhart, Artist and Retired tTeacher: The Denver Broncos will win by a score of 27-24. “The Broncos will win by the seat of their pants. They just have the momentum. And with Manning playing probably his last game, they will have much fan support.”

Chris Hazlett, Cripple Creek Councilman and Restaurant/Bar Owner: The Denver Broncos will win by 30-26. “People should bet on this score. They may win some money. The defense wins games like this, and the Broncos have a spectacular defense The defense will sack Cam Newton at least four times.” Chris also believes the commercials will be outstanding for Super Bowl 50 and especially urges viewers to watch out for a new bizarre twist to the Budweiser spot. And for those looking for a place to watch the game, Chris says come to Ralf’s in Cripple Creek. “We have the craziest maniac Broncos fans anywhere. It will be quite a party.”

Bob Volpe, Broncos Beat Writer for TMJ. The Denver Broncos will win by three. “It’s going to be a close game. If the defense can upset Cam Newton’s timing, they can pull it off.” In tracking the analysis of the game by major outlets, sports networks and key pundits, Bob has noticed a changing attitude in the last few days with the talk of a Carolina romp getting slightly subdued.

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Rick Langenberg, TMJ Ass. Publisher: The Denver Broncos will win by a sore of 24-21. “Remember Carolina, the South lost the Civil War and Cam Newton will make the same mistakes that General Lee did at Gettysburg in thinking he can gamble on a fatal attack. Plus, it makes sense that the Broncos will win this time around, considering what they endured two years ago. This could be Peyton and John Elway’s last hurrah.”