Thinkers and Doers -Murph Unleashed

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“Democracy is indispensable to socialism.”- Vladimir Ilyich Lenin
“Democracy is the road to Socialism.”- Karl Marx
“If you want a good argument against democracy, spend five minutes with a voter.” -Winston Churchill
Just think how wonderful the world would be if we could all just get along. I mean if we could think away problems like political strife and war, wouldn’t that be awesome? But the world just doesn’t happen that way. I can see how many people try and apply the “American” way of peace and charity when dealing with other cultures. But outside these United States, it is a bizarre and different world. Many “think” we can go to many different places in the world and come in and show people “how things are done” and poof, like magic, the world is a different place. But then the doers go and do, while the thinkers contemplate the next move. Case in point; a friend of mine was doing medical coverage for a United Nations Mission in the little garden spot known as Somalia. The objective was to help rid the place of poverty and malnutrition by teaching the people how to plant gardens. So the UN folks showed the people how to plant a huge garden, how to water and care for the plants and how to protect the plants. When it came time for the harvest there wasn’t a lot to harvest. The people being used to a hand to mouth existence enjoyed the harvest and ate the fruits of their labor as the fruits ripened. The UN folks tried to get these people to use what they needed, preserve some for future use, take some of the rest to market, and lastly let some go to seed for the following year. In the end the project failed because the people didn’t care about markets, they just wanted what they needed to get by, besides planning for next year is mixing yourself up in the business of the Gods and that just cannot be tolerated. It takes lifetimes to change things, and even then, things may not change forever.
I have talked to people who think we as humans have evolved. In actuality, in the last ten thousand years we humans have done little evolving. Our technology has evolved, our systems of government have evolved somewhat, but we as humans are still pretty much subject to some primordial drives and functions. We may have changed body sizes to some degree, but much of that has to do with diet, but as far as I can tell, we are still as subject to the whims of nature and many of those primordial instincts that drive us. I know that the post 9-11 “baby boom” is slightly contentious, but war and threat of war can cause an increase in populations. Nature’s way of protecting us from our stupidity, the human race will go on, maybe.
So I see a lot of the candidates are saber rattling, I saw Chris Christie talking about the carpet bombing of our terrorist friends in the middle east. Isn’t it quaint how a person who has never donned a uniform, never spent a day in the military, and never had to go off to combat, can be ready to throw our young folks into the fray? I find most politicians are more thinkers than doers. Politicians will say what everyone wants to hear to get the job. I don’t much care for politicians and I sure don’t see one in the presidential field for who I would really care to vote.
And that leads me to the next point, what do voters think. In my experience and from what I have seen most voters think, very few do the research, or look into history, to see “if” what they think is correct. Most voters “think” they know that the United States was intended to be a democracy, but that is quite contrary to history and the writings of the founders. Many voters can’t tell you what a Federalist Paper is, or what an Anti-federalist Paper is, who was associated with either movement, or why the Bill of Rights came into being or what a pre-existing right is or how pre-existing rights work. Most voters can’t even tell you what the Electoral College is, why it was brought into existence, or how the college has failed us in this age. Votes for president are a waste of time if you ask me. But I am often times too cerebral and I also refuse to spoon feed people.
One of the bestselling source materials before the Revolutionary War was law books. Yes, actual, everyday people read books on law in America. I don’t believe that many people back then wanted to be attorneys, I do believe that people back then were much more inclined to be doers because society wasn’t what it is today and there wasn’t a grocery store on every corner. The point is that people apprised themselves of the law. Most people also don’t know how law enforcement was brought into being as a game changer in our society to allow the courts to harvest more taxes from we the people. Many people believe that if the legislature creates a law, no matter how repugnant, that the legislature is just being good shepherds to we the people.
So how do we the people change what is ailing America? Now there is a question for the masses. First and foremost is education. I know we have public schools. But those schools and the books they use are so revisionist as to be completely misleading. For instance, George Washington was in fact not the first president. The first court case over slavery in the US was a case where a black man brought suit to have a slave who had been freed returned to ownership. Most people don’t know that the 13th Amendment legalized slavery for a specified class of citizen and did not abolish slavery, it merely made it illegal for anyone but the government or those acting on the government’s behalf to own slaves. And practically no one can tell me why the Bill of Rights came into existence. Most folks do not understand why the United States of America is a Corporation. Now that I have made a number of claims, but given you no explanation, go out and research these things and learn, really learn some old concepts and see if you are thinking correctly. Perceptions are not always fact.
It is a truly sad state of affairs when people are slowly herded into servitude and refuse to be free. But freedom requires effort and vigilance. It requires men and women who are willing to work hard and be not just thinkers, but educated doers.
It is so much easier to go home and flip on the TV and maybe watch the news to see what the Kardashians have been up to, or just put on some comedy to lighten up the mood and take your mind off the rough day you just had at work stocking the shelves or filing papers or flipping burgers.
So when it is all said and done, the future of freedom and liberty lies in the hands of those who are willing to know, not just think they know, but who truly know what went on back in 1776 and forward. It is truly astounding what has happened since and how the government has broken its contract with a free or once free people.
Government is not the answer, these folks were to be public servants and not lords of the manor. Remember, whether at peace, which we prefer, or at war which may or may not be a waste our resources, freedom is never free. It requires effort. Anything worth having is definitely worth working for, and I find that being a free sheepdog is far more interesting over being a fettered sheeple.
“The republican is the only form of government which is not eternally at open or secret war with the rights of mankind.” -Thomas Jefferson, 1790